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Subject Zero

Support my cosplay on patreon:
Friends! right now im currently competing in the EA Cosplay cup Latam as Jack (aka Subject Zero) from Mass Effect! Please support me by clicking on the image below and 'Liking' her image to see me through to the EA Cosplay Cup Latinoamerica Finals! Thank you so much! <3 ends 11 of nov 2015…

if you want to see the hole gallery here:…
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Oct 22, 2015, 5:20:24 PM
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Sick cosplay!!
FotusKnight's avatar
Hands down THE BEST Jack cosplay EVER! Wonderful job! The details are amazing! Tattoos are on point, makeup is identical and tits are there! Love it.
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Wanted to be a better adversary to the evil I have done
I greatly appreciate your version of Jack 
Mouseypete's avatar
wow loving Jacks
theEyZmaster's avatar
:heart::heart::heart: Lovely perfect cosplay!
Great shot too!^^
EmperorKarino's avatar
awesome job, you look spot on.
Saker4868's avatar
Awesome work! ^ ^
tsumefan2's avatar
reminds me alot like clara from watch dogs
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Как приятно смотреть на этот жест... –1.
bad-art-magnet's avatar
Modern art at its finest. Replacing subtlety and beauty with sock and insult. Bravo.
Vertibea. Henna. If you don't have the real-estate, get someone else to. Ice-man. Ötzi. (Your right nuckles, and your left.) You do no harm (trust me, you do not, aside from someone who does less good. Even then (pronounced something like:   Eeeee.  Ven.   Then. ) I would be surprised if they could quantify them doing less harm than they could quantify yourself doing. (that was redundantly accurate. you have trust (and then some))

       (on a compleeetely different side note, i do happen to be upset/angry. at the moment. (did i say on a completely different side note? did i say side note?) if you happen to be upset about the side note, you are welcome to message me, it does have nothing to do with you or anyone on deviantart. I hope everyone, and every (ahem* apologies) honey bun is cool. (if the reference was, or wasn't recognized, and considered inappropriate, i do apologize if not recognize, potential apologize if it was, and offer an actually sincere blanket apology to deviant art based on the standards that i do not see upheld that i assume to be in place either in such case or otherwise.) Nadyasonika, you absolutely know how awsesome you are, up to the point that you need to be reminded-and-told how awesome you were-and-are. 

Look in to it (in redundancy: seriously (read that as though it were in all caps)).  Who knows a boat-load _about_ acupressure?: message me.  I add that while it is emphatic, it is also not with or without present present need.   To say /what-so-ever/  would be incorrect, and while it would be inaccurate, it happens to be beside the point and also important for many many other humans. I hope the many humans-that-have-heard_of and 'have-not-heard-of acupressure to learn of more about accupressure: the term itself and what it is. I happen to want to learn _/about/_ accupressure.

hmmm. shift something.
mm? hmm??


(lack of disinterest)

3.148       awwe shite.
If asked, i will recap this for anyone interested.
That was an interesting night. Feel free to ignore everything i said above.

What i had wished to discuss was the use of henna, for example, in marking the body in ways that my be similar to Otzi, the ice-man, for usages such s massage, acupressure, acupuncture,  physio- etc. 
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Jack.. Basically the second best Romance option in Mass Effect. Right Behind Tali and Garrus.
anatiidae's avatar
Ahh, Jack, one of my favourite video game character designs! Loving how well you've managed to capture the intricacy of her tattoos, and you've really nailed her badass look. Love it! <3
UndefinedScott's avatar
Is that a bald-cap?
Vyns-P's avatar
Wow, that's beautiful...and so are you.
torturedphoenix's avatar
Caught the crazy bitch that is Jack.
Venom-V13's avatar
Oh that's Jack for ya' alright, lol, awesome cosplay work! :D
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