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NSG - Chibi Sailor Summer by nads6969 NSG - Chibi Sailor Summer by nads6969
Sailor : Sailor Summer
Name : Clio
Planet : Earth
Age : 15 yrs old
Parents : Zeus and Mnemosyne
Princess : Princess Clio [link]
Eyes : Blue
Fav Color : Pink
Fav Food : Not really difficult
Least Fav Food : Junk Food
Powers : Flowers
-----Offense : Rose Torn Wip
-----Defense : Flower Petal Dance
Likes : When Roses blooms
Dislikes : When people smash her beautiful flowers.

History : Clio is the Youngest of nine sister, other than her role of changing Spring into Summer, she was also one of the nine muses known in greek mythology. She might had a lot on her plate, but she could easily glide through her duties. The eldest sister was Calliope was the Muse of epic poetry and eloquence. Euterpe of music or of lyric poetry. Erato of the poetry of love. Polyhymnia of sacred poetry. Melpomene of tragedy. Thalia of comedy. Terpsichore of choral song and dance. Urania of astronomy. And she, of history.

Clio was the only one who was called by the Earth Goddess Gaia(Not Endymion's sister). She saw in her a beautiful light that only her could use the powers of the Elements. Clio was honnored by the Goddesses gift that the first time she used it, she kinda went overboard. That's why Elysion is known as "The Garden of Eden". It was overflowing with Roses of every shades and colors.

Every year for a period of three months, Clio transforms into Sailor Summer. She uses her powers to control the temperature and give cool showers to water her beauties and hot days to see the cute topless boys in their boxer-shorts. She was perverted in a cute way. And end every day with a warm evening, even if sometimes she got so turned on by the guys that some nights were hotter than others.
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April 7, 2012
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