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Save The Whales
"You know what?"
"No, what?"
"We should never fall in love."
"Huh? Why?"
"Well, it's simple, really."
"Explain it to me, then."
"We're opposites, you and me. You're the sun, I'm the moon. You are day, I am night. You're warm and you beat with the vitality of life. I'm pretty chilly and I beat my fists against the mirror for showing me reality instead of dreams."
"I still don't quite understand."
"I am a dreamer, and you are a dream."
"Thanks, I guess."
"No, listen--you're like the people who say 'save the whales'. You want to save the world, you want to do some good. You want to make a change, make a difference. And me... well, I'm the whale. I can't do anything except wait for you to finally save me."
"I'll save you. I don't mind."
"I'll never thank you. I'm a whale; I can't talk."
"I don't care. I'll save you anyway. And you're wrong, you know."
"About what?"
"I'm not quite what you make me out to be. I laugh so I won't cry, yet that doesn't save me when I'm alone. I try to save the
:icongir-gir:Gir-Gir 1,878 423
You've been on my mind...
Quite frankly, you're heavy. Get off.
:iconiscariot-priest:Iscariot-Priest 4,265 907
Hanging On by Mrs-Lonely Hanging On :iconmrs-lonely:Mrs-Lonely 173 42
10 Ways Challenge: Flowers
Dawn sighed as she finished writing the last mission report. After e-mailing the papers to her boss, she leaned back on her chair and inhaled deeply.
'Finally, a small break,' she thought to herself. It had been a long time since Dawn could remember that she was not sent out on another raid right after one another. Maybe this time, she can get a few days' worth of rest. Nicky had come back from a mission a few days ago too, and had insisted on office work for at least a week. Both knew they haven't spent much time as husband and wife together, and they terribly missed each other's company. Nicky had even nagged her repeatedly to come back home, which is why Dawn had finished the report in half the time.
Speaking of her husband, Dawn glanced at the nearby clock. It was half an hour before lunchtime. Because they work in the same building, the two love birds used to meet over for lunch when they first married, but the tradition soon stopped after they became swarmed with their demanding
:iconnixcoo:nixcoo 59 43
RyRy: It's the Job
"Does that hurt?"
"That's not a real answer, Ryan."
"I can handle it."
"That's what you say now," Rylie said. She examined the gash near Ryan's right elbow. "If this swells up, tell me immediately. That could mean there's an internal infection."
Ryan grunted. Rylie held his hand up to wrap a fresh bandage on top and pressed her hands against his arm to smoothen the creases. Ryan turned to look at her, but she appeared to not notice. The small blonde put back her equipments back with an air of a well-practiced healer.
She closed her case shut and spoke to Ryan, "Well, you seem fine. Just tell me if you notice any changes."
"You'll be sure to see them first." He replied teasingly. Rylie gave a brief smile before she headed towards the living room.
"Hey." Ryan voiced out. Rylie ignored him and walked on. When she reached the front door of his apartment, Ryan spoke again, "Are you leaving?"
"Yes." Rylie replied, determined.
Her eyes flashed. "You should be the one to know th
:iconnixcoo:nixcoo 99 68
RyRy: Healing Wounds
Ryan forced himself to sit up but he couldn't. His bandaged ribs were giving him more pain than usual. Ryan groaned. After years of getting injuries on missions, he was irritated that the pain worsened each time. The twenty-year-old wondered if he had gotten too old.
"What are you trying to do?" A nagging voice spoke up. Ryan noticed that a tiny silhouette had appeared at his doorway.
"What does it look like?" The brown-haired man replied crossly. He ignored the pain of knives jabbing into his rib cage and forced himself upwards. Before he knew it, Rylie was at his side. She systematically took two large cushions and placed them behind the injured man. Ryan resentfully leaned back into the soft support.
"There," Rylie said with a smile. The blonde then sat down on the bed next to her significant other. She softly took out her medical set under the lamp desk. Ryan made a disapproving sound as he knew what she was going to do.
"If I don't do this, you'll heal slower." The blonde understo
:iconnixcoo:nixcoo 522 177





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So I made a tumblr just for art, if anyone is interested. I'll be posting original there, WIPs, (maybe fanart in the future) and reblogging art tips, advice, other useful information about art and artists.


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