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Where have you been?

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A commission for iofthetiger123.

Edit: I didn't actually know who exactly this was for when I made it, now that it's been helpfully explained in the comments, I figured I'd put it up here in the spirit of proper attribution. The pink mare here is Dawn, Kaidan's OC and possibly protagonist of Dash of Humanity, and A New Dawn. Also explained in this blog post.
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Really good art.
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So she ended getting a plant as cutie mark after all?
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Actually, he's/she's not supposed to have a cutie mark.…

"Down below I could see groups of ponies heading towards the farm to watch the competition. It was interesting to know that none of them would recognize me, save for my blank flank."
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Looks neat.
(I have no idea what's going on here)
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Dash is obviously upset with Dawn (the pink pony) for hitting on Fluttershy. this is fan art for this pony fanfic:…
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Little more than hitting on her.
"     Dash looked at both of us, then flew between me and Fluttershy. I watched her nose scrunch up. 'Oh yeah? I saw you two leave her house this morning, I was just giving you a chance to come clean! Hell, I can smell it on you. You didn’t even have the decency to shower!'"
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yeah ok dude. 1st look at the dates. this pic is older than the chapter (so is my comment). So I was close enough, regardless of what canon Kaidan attaches to the image
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ChaoticNoteHobbyist Writer
I'm going to guess that this is a concept of Rainbow's mom.
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Nope. R63 version of Kaidan's OC from Fimfiction…
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It's Kaidan, you will never get it
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Dashie's mom! Has got it goin' on!
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YoshiRingoStudent Digital Artist
Daww, those scrunchy muzzles! Yep she went out with that one mare again. UwU 
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