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This was a gift-commission-thing for anitech, which I'm unfortunately posting a bit late. I've been a bit un-artful of late. We'll see if I can get back on the horse, so to speak, in the new year.
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Very nice!  Reminds me a lot of what one of the Old Masters might've come up with, had they been fans of MLP!  It has a very Vermeer-like quality (at least I think so.)  Well done!  Excellent work!

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SelLilliannaHobbyist General Artist
Great pose, expression, lighting, composition-!
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very cute!!
great picture!!
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ProxyPony32Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, this is both cute and amazing!
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StaconaHobbyist Digital Artist
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That mane! she must been in the spa^^
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Spike: Um, Twilight?
Twilight: Yes, Spike?
Spike: Uh, sorry to bother you, but... Um...
T: What is it? This must be very important for interrupting my morning reading. You know how much I like that time of the day.
S: Uh, yeah, about that.
T: What?
S: Weren't you supposed to help Fluttershy with her animals friends?
T: I rescheduled it for this afternoon. She said she had other matters this morning.
S: Your report for the Mayor?
T: Spike! I gave it yesterday! Remember?
S: Must be napping.
T: You were. You were dozing while I was wroting it. You were supposed to clean the kitchen in the meanwhile.
S: But you asked me to stay, because... uh... Ah! Because you wanted me to send a copy to Princess Celestia.
T: My goodness, you're right! But that was yesterday. You have yet to explain me what was so important to break my reading silence.
S: Yeah. Jeez... What was it... Ah! You're appointment to the dentist.
T: Huh? I don't remember having to go there today. And I double checked my schedule an hour ago.
S: That's where you're wrong!
T: What?
S: You specifically told me to remind you the exact same day so you wouldn't, and I quote, "chicken up" to go there.
T: WHAT?! I'm not afraid of the dentist!
S: Heh! You're the one who told me.
T: Seriously, Spike. I'm not afraid of the dentist.
S: Then, why you stayed in the corner all morning reading books on the way to magically clean your teeth?
T: W-wha... I did not!
S: Oh yes you did. And you tried to hide them when I got here.
T: Spike. I was intensively reading this great book about-
S: Dentistry?
T: No. About-
S: ... how to get rid of your fear of the dentist?
T: Huh?
S: It's written on the cover of the book over there.
T: Gah! Where? Where?
S: *laugh* Gotcha!
T: Not funny.
S: Seriously, you going to be late if you don't leave now. It's close to past 10 in the morning.
T: Ah! I got to go! You... uh... Prepare lunch and clean our room while I'm gone.
S: Got it.
She galloped to the door, opened it with her magic, ran outside and closed it. Spike, remained there, arms crossed and grinning. She door reopened and a grumpy unicorn walk back inside, closing the door behind her. She trotted toward the purple dragon with a glare.
T: Dentists are not open Sunday.
S: Oh? Really? My goodness! There must been a mistake.
She trotted back and sat at her usual reading spot.
T: Not funny, Spike. Not funny at all.
S: Awww... Come on, Twi! It was just a joke.
T: Well, that was not that funny!
S: You're right. Your appointment is for tomorrow.
T: What? That was not-
S: Nope. That would leave you enough time to study about dentistry. And don't expect me to be your first vict- ,er, patient.
T: *sigh*
She closed the books.
T: You're right.
S: About you being afraid of the dentist?
T: N-no. I mean.... yes. But mostly about trying to do it myself for avoiding it. It needs the skills not just the theories. I guess I"ll have no other choice to go.
S: Glad to hear that. Uh... I-I mean about-
T: I got it. Heh, Spike?
S: Yes, Twilight?
T: Thanks.
S: For what?
T: For making me realized my mistakes. Also, for reminding me how dirty was the bathroom this morning.
S: My pleasu- Wait! What?
T: You should have enough time before preparing lunch. You'll know where to find me.
S: Awww... Jeez...
Just at the moment she began to read, someone knocked at the door.
Rarity: Twilight? Darling? Are you there?
T: It's open Rarity!
The white unicorn opened the door and got inside.
R: Twilight! I was waiting for you, darling. We we supposed to go to the park, remember?
T: Huh? I-I don't remember... Spike!
S: Oh! That's what I was trying to remind you... Sorry.

Felt is needed a little story to fit with this awesome piece.
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BluberySmile5108Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should draw luna or other ponies more often.
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Her mane and her tail are wonderful.

I think I know why she liked to be alone before she moved to Ponyville to meet new friends... well, according to what I research she was very interested in her books than making out with friends, but that may not be the only reason. Another reason why she was alone... Magic kindergarten! Boy, I feel so bad for her... such an traumatizing experience.
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ZiddersRoofurryHobbyist Traditional Artist
Reminds me of the attic from Neverending Story. 
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IniStrifeHobbyist General Artist
Is not punishment for Twilight XD
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Twi is so cute!!! :love:
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brentkenHobbyist General Artist
I'm in love this this style. That has to be my favorite coloring I've seen. It's perfect!
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PsychoYellowDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
''Quiet she's watching us...''
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Bunnygirle26Hobbyist Artist
I like this a lot :)
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I feel like her spine is shaped wrong here, other than that 10/10 amazing art
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Bradel-BoundHobbyist General Artist
Nice. Freaking. Job.…

This piece is one of the top ones displayed on deviantART's "Fan Art Friday" MLP blog. The whole thing is nice, but I have to say, I was super excited to see you there!
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NadnerbD Digital Artist
Ooo, dang, I wouldn't have noticed that. It looks like those posts don't produce mention notifications. They really ought to.

Thanks for the heads up!

Dang. That Shining Armor is an ancient Huusii piece.
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EverlastingDerpHobbyist General Artist
This is beyond words. Your lighting techniques are some of the best I've ever seen! I also adore the way you drew her tail. X3
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The finest piece of art of Twilight Sparkle.
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VampireSelene13Hobbyist General Artist
I love her tail and the lighting! Lighting seems to be one of your specialties.
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NadnerbD Digital Artist
Well, I certainly try. I figure that understanding light behavior is pretty much the core of what I do. There would, after all, be no images and no sight without light. You can make the most surreal forms, but if you light them well, they'll still feel real.

It's also the most generalizable skill I can get out of this. I can draw all the ponies I want, and as long as I'm striving to improve my lighting/coloring, I'll be learning things I can apply to any art I might do later on. :D
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