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The Little Lyre

By NadnerbD
This isn't really anything in particular. Just sort of my response to The Little Apple, which I watched AssasinMonkey draw in his stream, and the one thing I drew this weekend to ensure that I didn't draw nothing this weekend.
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Bawwww, dat adorable muzzle scrunch n hoofies X3
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Hehe, I recognized the pose and all right away. I prefer the more natural palette AssasinMonkey used, but I like how this one has less wrinkles.
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Whoa that is like really cute.
Amazing shading too.
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Yes!! the little curled up ponies are spreading.
Actually really fun to see this pose with a slightly different anatomy with all the bending and curling up going on.
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Adorable as fuck! Love her little pose. :clap: 
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Very well done! Love the lighting! Her expression is so sweet!
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The two types of pony art you see on the internet.

*The pony art that's so good it makes you feel like shit.
*The pony art that's so bad it makes you feel like shit because you are a member of the posters species.

Can you guess which one I fall under?
Hint: It's the first one.
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Nooo, I wouldn't want to make anyone feel baaad.
Lyra Emote 50x50 
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So much cuteness
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this is PERFECT 0.0
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Really cute indeed.
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Dawwwww, too adorable! X3
lumpy green music horse
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