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Sunday Report

Today I learned a valuable lesson about art. I'm not sure what it was.

Lookit all the pretty colors.

To be a little more specific about the reason for this piece, it was primarily born out of my continuing slow march towards realism. The focus in this case was on color of illumination. The most notable sources (ignoring direct sunlight) are the greenish light from the grass and the bluish white from the sky, though there are subtler ones, like the green and indigo from Celestia's hair affecting her face and neck. This is all stuff that I know and have known happens for a long time, but haven't really made a real effort to apply to a scene. I think for that purpose, this came out well.

I'm not sure what I think of the composition of the piece as a whole though. In my quest for increasing contrast I've started using quite a lot of darkness in recent pieces, and this may be a swing too far in the other direction, with barely any really dark values. It was partly inspired by seeing the crazily saturated but still eerily accurate color palettes verrmont uses in his works. I don't think I quite hit the mark, but like I said in the original, very short description, I do think I learned some things. I also had quite a bit of trouble with Celestia's face, oddly enough. You'd think I'd have it down by now, having drawn so much of it, but I originally sketched a much more vertical angle, in a way that I've since determined was probably quite wrong, and ended up redoing most of the face several times, and as a result I can't really tell if it's right anymore.

Overall, I like a lot of what got put down here, but I think much of it may still be too subtle, and also lacks the dynamism and motion that I've been pushing, though it does lend this piece a more serene feel.
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