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Sometimes, Twilight, we just have to let ourselves

... Fall.

In which Celestia throws herself off a bridge and subsequently receives a stern talking-to from her faithful student.

(Composure, Chapter 5 - Cathexis, by ~KamikazeDrake/Varanus) Yes, that is a real word.

I would have composed this differently had I re-read the passage before I drew it. It's quite likely she wasn't wearing her regalia at the time, and I've again omitted the head bandage and scar. We'll just call it Twilight-o-vision, where she always looks perfect, right? :D

It's been a while since I've gone all-out on a picture. The last few I've tried pretty hard to get from concept to completion within the same day. While this is good for speed and practice, it limits the scope of the final product. No time to get real fancy with the lightin' and stuff. This, I've put about 3 days worth into, which probably totals somewhere around 10 hours. I dunno. I'm not sure whether to be happy or disappointed that this seems to be the extent of my skill at the moment. Dem manes are the highlight of this though. They're not exactly clean, I could probably go over them a few more times to smooth them out, but they're pretty interesting. See, my lighting looks really cool right up until the point where I throw color under it. Then it just looks bland. This time, I took to fiddling with blend modes for a while and came up with something that varies both the value and saturation, and looks much more bold and high-contrast. I'll definitely be attempting to refine that at some point. Someday though, I will figure out how to not half-ass the background.

In a couple days now, it will be precisely a year since I watched a complete episode of MLP:FiM for the first time. I didn't expect it to lead here, but there was such... enthusiasm for creation among fans of this franchise. It's contagious. I wasn't the first of anything, but I wouldn't be. I'm not a starter, but a follower. Nevertheless, it's been fun. Thanks for that. :)

Oh yeah, almost forgot, this was drawn to the sound of this looping a bazillion times.

Finally, if you'd like just Celestia from this, here.
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made me read the fanfic
its a very good one, and i looked at this picture while reading that part. 
on spot! nice job!