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Please stop

'bout what it says on the tin.
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Damn, you got some arts !! 
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all your artworks are truly awesome!
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Wow... amazing...! This looks really cool and beautiful! Love it! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Celestia's mane here is awesome, by the way! :dance: :dance: :dance:
The lighting and the subject makes me think of this:…
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Dayum, girl's got moves.
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Out of bed, and into the frying pan...
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Very sad, and intense for a combat/emotional scene. Very nice work
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:iconangrycelestia2plz::iconsaysplz:Luna, stahp!

Twisty horse has some mad dodgeball skills.
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Wow! That's fantastic!

And somehow epic.
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Your shadowing is amazing, and your drawings are just utterly awesome in general!
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It has a certain touch of comicality that the first thing coming to my mind were two videos "Princess Celestia Being Deep" and "Luna's Banishment - Deep Edition"
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Wow, really superb!
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The lighting is gorgeous on all your arts, omg
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Man I wish I knew how to put that much definition on my characters. They look so flat compared to this
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Really I'd say the illusion of a full shape is best served by ensuring that your lighting has a clear shape to it. Just making your lighting entirely from smooth gradients won't cut it. Even rounded surfaces have clear terminators—that's the edge between light and shadow—when illuminated by all but the most diffuse light.

For even more exaggerated results, use multiple light sources with opposing temperatures.
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Remind me to commission you soon...
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