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So at BronyCon this year, horizon approached me about doing a cover for a story he'd done for a recent writeoff. I hadn't done commissions (or had any interest in doing any) for a quite a long time, but he described the story and said he thought it'd be right up my alley. Turns out he was right. He's now high on the list of people to blame for my recent increase art activity.

Time Enough For Love is a story about Clover the Clever, and how Celestia became the mare she is today. It's got wit, humor, time shenanigans, drama, and action. (of a sort) I recommend it heartily.

As of this writing it's not yet up on FimFiction, but it should get up there sooner rather than later. (HA!) For the moment, the link points to the writeoff version of the story, which is shorter and less edited than the fimfic version will be. Since writeoff has no content tags, note that it's probably rated teen.

UPDATE! Three years later, Time Enough For Love has finally been posted! The link above has been updated to point to fimfiction, but you can see how far it has come as the writeoff version is still available here.
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It occurs to me that at some point, you're going to have to finally update the pic description to link to the story itself. :D