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Doodle 256-5

By NadnerbD
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This was going to be an episode art for The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone. Seeing as it's been literally years now, I'm obviously not going to finish it.

I really like the music from this scene, and in fact this whole episode.
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How am I not seeing this until now!?  This is AMAZING!  This episode is beyond epic.  I cannot even rewatch it without shedding tears, it is that good.  Long live Season 5!
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Looks decently enough finished to me. :+fav:
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yoo  that looks great
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This was a really good episode. I loved the art they used for telling the legend.
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I know right? The storybook artstyle they use whenever there's historical exposition to be had in FiM works really well.
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