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Another ~3 day picture.

The last few things I've posted have been commissions, so I figured I ought to try this again. "This" being what's turning into a habit of drawing backlit Celestia. It's sort of my benchmark image. Measure how hot the processor gets while drawing, see how long it takes, and determine if I've improved any.

Speaking of processors, I'm a layer fiend. around layer 52, SAI started complaining it was out of memory and started randomly discarding whole layers during merge operations. What followed were some tense moments while I carefully pruned and merged things down to a more manageable size.

They say you have to leave your comfort zone to improve. I feel like doing that just makes me kinda angry at my work though.

Gosh, creation is tiring, so if you'll excuse me, I hear it's Saturday, and that there are things to consume.
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Hello. You are an amazing artist! I am writing a book, and I am looking for pictures to use as illustrations. Ive also contributed a few music songs to the fandom with my artistry.  

I have a few thousand pictures on my drive and I've narrowed it down to just a few. I like your style.  I of course would give you a credit page in the book. Let me know if you can alter it a tiny bit to make it original. I would like to have an all original picture that's not released on the internet. I would prefer to have the artist inspired by my work. I can probably provide you with an advanced readers copy of the book.You can also see the promo trailer I created as well. I will link below. I might be able to throw in some pony picks from my page as well.