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Well here it is. The first thing since 2015 that I've put ... almost as much effort into as "Clinging to the Past". I remember why I stopped doing that. I haven't done anything else (except work) for three days.

I've definitely forgotten how to pony. We'll work on that though. Maybe. If there's still a market for this sort of thing.

Speaking of which, Ponycon (NYC? It's in New Jersey now) is coming up soon. Next week, in fact. I'll be there. Again. Even though they announced that the con was over forever last year. It seems that wasn't enough for some people. I'll have prints. Maybe you want some. Maybe it's just an excuse for me to go hang out with Celebi-Yoshi for a few days. Speaking of whom, she colored something of mine and it's pretty epic. You may get to see it soon.

In the meantime, let me know what you think. I feed on comments. They give me FUCCCUS.

Edit: New version with speed trail for Twi and ditched the over-saturating color correction. Original version can be found here, along with the sketch and WIPs.
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I really like the shiny effect on Celestia's regalia