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Surprise! Celestia again. It was good to see her in the premiere of Season 7. She's been missed. :c

This was a funny one. She was originally supposed to be lying down, but I decided to make it into another flying piece because why not.

I'll have this piece at Everfree Northwest. Speaking of which, I'll be at Everfree Northwest! It'll be the farthest I've ever travelled for a pony con. If you're gonna be there, come chat with me! I'll be in the vendor hall. Also buy some of my stuff I guess. ;)

Some alternate background versions can be found here. the thick clouds were the original, and the higher contrast planet and sky without the foreground cloud was my first attempt at a replacement. I think the high contrast version might actually be better, but I was indecisive when posting and the final is a blend of the two.
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She's the most beautiful in my opinion, I love Celestia so much πŸ‘‘ πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•