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Paintified version of one of the sketches from here.

I don't quite know where I am with things at the moment. I originally started down this path because I wanted to be able to create expressions that would do justice to the things that I imagined, when I imagined them. However, when I don't really have anything in mind, just drawing for it's own sake, is downright difficult.

What? You expected me to talk about the art? Well what I said is totally relevant. I know it sounds hilarious when artists post art and simultaneously whine about having art block, but really, if I had ideas, I'd be posting something other than that one thing I always draw, y'know?
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The Challenge Accepted...
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GriffinSongArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
It's so beautiful! Great job!!!
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Well, maybe it'd be best to not piss off the Sun Princess.
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NadnerbD Digital Artist
Probably. Princess Luna (of course) plz 
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sooo epic!!! :O :O :O
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
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Wow, the shading here makes it look almost like it could be a Source Film Maker 3D model. Only better.
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Here-for-the-poniesStudent Digital Artist
I know what you mean. I'm not sure if I really have artblock, as I still always have a few ideas of drawing I don't get around to, but I've always had difficulties coming up with poses and expressions on the spot.
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NadnerbD Digital Artist
Yeah, I'm not sure what to call it either, but I think art block is the generally accepted term for any mental thing that impedes the creation of art. :D

I find it tricky coming up with poses and such too, often because I'll start thinking "I've done this one before" and in trying to avoid generic-ness end up drawing a blank, or just stare blankly at a work in progress and think "this isn't good, but I have no idea how to make it better". I find there are two ways to shake that loose. Find reference, or just try random stuff. Staring down my YouTube queue doesn't help. (but I end up doing that anyway)
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tawog11Hobbyist Artist
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JoakahaHobbyist General Artist
Awesome! :D
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If Celestia can turn into this during the day, then Luna could turn into somepony who isn't Nightmare Moon. :)
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batosanHobbyist General Artist
Talk about art? Whine about art block? And then you go and set Celestia on fire!.......See! She does not care for artistic whining ether! hehehehe! My art has been Custom toys in armor.....and more custom toys in armor.......and my latest is......a custom toy in armor......I guess practice makes perfect. So you just keep on working.......time has a way of getting you to where you want to go!...(Oh yeah!....A large custom toy of "Blackjack" too...My fifth one.....third incarnation of "Blackjack 2.5"...........So yes I do know..y'know! hahahahah!) Keep producing your awesome art! We will drink it in, like the fine wine (Not whine) it is!
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When I saw it, I thought you based yourself on her in the comic. She got pissed and she turned like that. With even more fire.

Still, epic. I expect a fight against a old evil she met centuries ago who's back and that she is the only who can stop it.

Awesome work
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NadnerbD Digital Artist
Ah yeah, I have read the reflections arc, but I wasn't thinking about it when I made this. Probably would have been a good thing to reference in the title. Oh well.

Thanks! :D
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ArtentionHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome one ! C:
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KonraxStudent General Artist
Looks like super saiyan hair to me, really nice :P
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I wouldn't want to be at the receiving end of that.
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Evil Dragon: [As the beam heads for him] :fear: "Oh, bugger..."
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[That was all he managed to say before a white hot beam hit him, knocking him back and through the opposite wall]

Princess Celestia: [Appear in hole] "And stay away! Teaches you to not to steal my cake!"
SomeRandomMinion's avatar

Princess Luna: "Excellent shot, 'Tia...but now we have a hole in the roof to deal with! I TOLD you that the shrinking spell would have been a better choice..."
TheOtterPony's avatar
Princess Celestia: "Perhaps... Yes, yes. I will call the carpenters, Lulu. It will be fixed soon. But now I want to see is there any cake left, that brute better not ate it all..."
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Princess Luna: "Very well sister....and, We are sad to say it, but the 'brute' DID eat all the cake. In a single bite, aye." (Tries to hide her smirk)
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Princess Celestia: [Stops, looking shocked. And her stomach growls loudly] "This is terrible... That shrinking spell would have been better..."
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