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The sun chariot

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Slavic mythology time!
This is a pretty messed up myth, which could easily fit into Ovid’s metamorphoses, if it wasn’t Russian.

There once lived a girl, who was madly in love with the sun. Every day she would stand outside and feel the sun heating her skin, like he was kissing her with warm soft lips.
But once a storm came. The sky was cloudy and the poor girl couldn’t see the sun. Her heart was broken, she wanted to see her beloved sun so badly, she went looking for him. She walked for three days and three nights and arrived at last at the edge of the world. There was a magnificent castle, in front of which was a lake with crystal clear water. There was a wonderful boat in the lake, pulled by birds of all colours In the boat stood a young man, who was so bright and handsome it was hard to look at him.
The girl knew straight away that she found him, the sun. Her heart started beating faster and faster, and faster and faster, and at a certain moment it exploded. With a faint smile on her lips, the girl passed away. The sun felt sorry for the girl who loved him so much. And he turned her into a bright and beautiful flower, the sunflower.
When observing sunflowers, one might notice that they always turn towards the sun. Because flowers don’t have hearts and looking at their lover now would be harmless.

Thanks for reading. Acrylic on canvas. The painting is made by me, though I got the concept from a book.

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