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June 3, 2008
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Helpdesk Stamp by =silber-englein
Featured by PurpelBlur
Suggested by Tepara
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Helpdesk Stamp

In response to this news article: [link] I've decided to make this stamp. :D

I did the explosion with the help of `bad-blood's Explosion Tutorial.

By the way, in case you interpreted it differently than I intended, the emote in this story is working for the helpdesk :P

196 frames :lol:

*Edit: Thank you everyone for all the faves. I really don't have the time to thank everyone individually for faving my stamps because they get fav'd a lot! So please don't think I'm being ungrateful when I don't leave a thank you message on your page, 'cause I really do appreciate it! ^^; Thanks again!

*EDIT #2: Hahah wow, a DD....holy moly :faint: I don't usually say holy moly - ever, so that's really saying something. :lol: Thank you so much `Tepara for suggesting it and ^PurpelBlur for featuring it! I'm glad this is getting more exposure to get the message across :salute: :)

To everyone who sees this, thank you so much for viewing, faving and commenting. :heart: :hug: By the way, I don't just do stamps ;) so if you've got some extra time on your hands, here's my gallery: [link]
Thanks so much for stopping by :heart:

- Nadja
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MayaCat222's avatar
WOW this stamp is GREAT
Sketch-Shepherd's avatar
Oh, goodness. XDDD
MariaPiu's avatar
hahaha! very funny! poor little guy! :laughing:
ayame18's avatar
:iconla-plz: Awesome stamp! I never knew you could go over 100 frames. :omfg:
nadjagarnet's avatar
Apparently you can :giggle: Thank you! :)
ayame18's avatar
How cool. :D You're welcome! :wave:
AHussein's avatar
hahaha that is so funny :XD: =3 such a great stamp
AHussein's avatar
you're welcome!! and thanks for sharing :hug:
Samanasa-Chan's avatar
Empty-Account's avatar
"Sorry, boobs are not a violation."

xD That made me chuckle.
admx's avatar
awesome stamp!!! :D <3 :+fav:
Kusama's avatar
:laughing: This one is incredible!
nadjagarnet's avatar
Ray767's avatar
OMG Boobs!
Very Nice :3
noname4you's avatar
Stamps can get DDs?
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