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Vintage hand

14 bruses - made in PSCS2

size 163 - 720 pix

link back - note me if used it or let me know here .... please :-)

My art ----- :iconnadinepau:
© 2007 - 2021 NadinePau-stock
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Hi Nadine, can I Use your hands in a book? or buy the commercial use?
Thank you, 
These are amazing. Thank you kindly for sharing! I used them in a school assignment…
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These are so cool! I'll leave a link when I get around to using them, but thanks for them! They're great!
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My all time favorites.
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I'll link back when the project is done!!!
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Wow, you've done such an amazing job getting all these together and getting crisp brush sets out of the images!!  Thanks SO much for sharing all your hard work!!  =D
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used it here, thank you, they are beautiful!!!

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I love it!!!!!!!
Hello. I use in my website: [link]

Can I use for comercial use, in a Pillow? Thanks.

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i love this one
Hi Nadine, thanks for the wonderful brushes - used on Papa Gelato's main site - Menu/Nutrition pages.
Hi Nadine, thanks for the fantastic brushes. Used on Papa Gelato's menu & nutrition web pages.
where is the link?????????????????????
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thank you Nadine for those wonderful brushes , used on [url=[link]] this page[/url]
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Thanks!! Plan on using tonight :)
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awesome, thank you!:)
very lovely! Thank you.
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