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Ornament art - part 3

10 bruses - made in PSCS2

size 350 - 750 pix


link back - note me if used it or let me know here .... please :-)

My art ----- :iconnadinepau:
© 2007 - 2021 NadinePau-stock
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Thank you! Used here
Comm: Craith and Maida by SicilianValkyrie
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Thank you Nadine Pau! Beautiful brushes, what kind of license of these arts?
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License information? Please and thank you
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Commission pack by Km92  i've used it here ;)
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I used them in my image here! >>

Thank you for making these! :heart:
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Thank you for these.
WOW another big thanks, these are awesome! :)
Can I use it on a project that may be posted online??
I dunno if it'll be used ornot, but by the time I work on it, I usually tend to forget where all the brushes are from so....
The possibility of the brush being used in a work for comercial uses is like 1%, but there is the possibility.
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used here: [link]

thank you
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Do You mind using those in Scrapbooking? <3
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Thank you for the ornaments) Used some of them here: [link]
Bellisimos, Gracias
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Beautiful I hope to use these in signatures if that is okay. <3
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wow this is great!
Reel! Thk U!!!
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I used your ornaments in my art, as a background :)


Don't worry that it's a commission - order was an image without a background so it would cost the same with blank background I just wanted to made it looks prettier. Thank you for sharing :heart:
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Your ornaments were what I was looking for - they are wonderful :heart:

I used one of them here: [link]

Thank you for sharing :heart:
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hello ! i really liked your ornament so i used it on [link] ty very much for sharing it with us ! they really look amezing !

kisses :heart:
Well, thx, thou I'm seeking for something curve to make a nice underline! (I mean, can u help me? :p)
nice brushes..will make a great background=)
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