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Dirigibles... 12 bruses - made in PSCS2

size 450 - 1144 pix


link back - note me if used it or let me know here .... please :-)

My art ----- :iconnadinepau:
© 2007 - 2021 NadinePau-stock
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Thank you so much.

thank you very much
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Nice ! Thank you !
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Thank you so much. I'll let you know for sure when i'll use them. :D (Big Grin)Clap Hug 
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Fabulous, downloaded, thanks!
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I used this brush on my twitter icon.
Great, I´ll use it for a bottle mixed with other draws. Thank you very much. If you don't agree, let me know, please
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Very cool! Great for Steampunk...
Can I use your brushes to make business cards for my shop?
Perhaps I will use, very thanks
Just a quick note to ask your permission to use your brush for this design:…

Thanks in advance!

thank you i love it very much
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woww!!! I love it!!
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Love them! Thanks so much!
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These are fantastic!  Thanks for sharing!  Love the clouds too... do you mind if I ask where you found them/what you used?  :)
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thanks these are awesome :)
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Hello! I used one of your brushes here
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These look great!!! Thank you :)
Hi. Its me again ;-) . Do you mind if i use that brushes in the design of a poem book that could be published in spain? Thanks!
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I absolutely adore your work. Well done :)
Fantastic, in all senses of the word. Thank you!
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