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Android vs. Apple



Android vs. Apple

What I think about it. Simple, isn't it?
Note: It's just a simple joke.

Sooo no, I didn't draw that because of the new iPhone5 which came out yesterday. Instead, the occasion for drawing was the arrival of my new mobile phone, which... you can guess it... is an Android using phone. (Samsung Galaxy SIII)
SO listen Applefans: My previous mobile phone in fact was an iPhone which I got gifted. But I just disliked the iTunes policy and I fell in love with the great abilities Android offers.
SO! Drawing the cartoon exactly now was more of a coincidence than the wish to offennce Apple fans who are excited about the iPhone5.
Srsly, I don't care which brands people like, just do things your way and enjoy it.

It's just a joke. (Btw I still own my old iPhone to play games, so don't feel offended, k? ^_^)
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Du hast soooo recht *grins*
Samsung bzw. Android for the WIN!!