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Tutorial: Link's Gloves

By Nadiaxel
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[ 700x3772 px file ahead! ]

I decided to make this tutorial on making Link's gloves.
Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword version, peops xD

I warn you! I'm not English so my language might be bad xD

For the pattern you have to go the this website. You can follow the tutorial there too but I made one too, so.
I did not make the pattern. I just remade one for myself! But I suggest you print the pattern from the website and use that.



:star: Good Luck :star:
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I've reviewed your comments and read that you used fake suede to make the gloves, but would it work to use another medium such as felt?
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I believe it would, yes :)
I used fake suede that had absolutely no stretch in it and I haven't come across any stretchable felt yet so I think it would be the same. The only thing I can think of that you should keep in mind is that felt is not as durable as fake suede so you should make them just a little bigger than you would in suede so that the felt and stitches are not torn apart when you put them on or close your fists.

Long sentences...sorry xD and good luck!
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Hi, thank you so much for responding! I think I'll be able to confidently make my gloves now without having second thoughts on whether or not to use felt! I don't mind the long sentences since I also have a tendency to do that, so no need to apologize! :)
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Cosplaygloves #1 by PetraTheGryphon  
I made these thanks to this tutorial! Thanks a bunch :iconadlez-axel: for the help!
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Ooooooh they look sooo nice!!!!!! I'm so glad my tutorial could help ^^ they turned out just beautiful!
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Thanks! :heart:
Took me 5 tries to make them fit the way they do X'DD
Good thing i was using 'practice fabric' lol
hey wanna know something funny? as soon as i saw this tutorial i wanted to make them.. but i had no thread in the house so i used staples XD They actually worked like a charm!
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Wow, I never thought of trying that. Sound so crazy! Cool it worked :D :D :D
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hey do you know about how much materialyou need to make these?
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Assuming that much fabrics are about 1.20 in length, I'd say 50 cm should do it, depending on how long you want the gloves :3
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i have a bro and sis who love legend of Zelda : :D:
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God, that's exactly what I need!! :hug:
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Thank you for sharing
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I think I'll use the pattern! But I'll do things in a different order than you did. And I really do need to remember to make a left and a right one, because knowing me, I'll be stuck with two right ones XD
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Good luck with it :D and yes.... I already made the mistake and made two left gloves. I felt like such an idiot, hahaha!
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Haha glad I thought of that now in stead of after cutting them XD
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These look amazing!
If I may ask, what kind of fabric did you use? I've looked a thousand times for a similar one, but could never find it.
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This glove tutorial is amazing!!! though, it has one flaw, the glove should go all the way back to about the elbow. Otherwise, this glove is flawless! I think this glove looks so good! I am going to use this for my link cosplay but add more on the end.
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Thankyou for your nice words! ^-^/
I would also have made mine a little longer, not to the elbow though, but about 10cm longer!
I hope your gloves turn out great! :D
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This is a good tutorial! If you don't mind me asking, what type of fabric did you use for the gloves? I've been trying to figure out what to use for my gloves.
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It's fake suede :)
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