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Tutorial: Link's Boots: Part 2


This is part 2 of my tutorial on how to make Link's boots :D


I apologize for the bad English~
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This is an excellent tutorial. Thank you! 
Can you tell me how long they lasted? Did they fall apart quickly? Can you run with them? I'm using your tutorial to make a pair for my son.
Thank you!
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I'm happy you find it useful!
The only thing about them that didn't last for very long was at the tips of the shoes (the snout?) because the fabric was glued to a plastic sole. I made a pair later for my new Link cosplay and I got some soft fabric shoes from H&M (just some cheep shoes with fabric and no plastic on the snout.) Then instead of gluing the fabric I sew it only the shoes. They still haven't fallen apart a single bit and I can walk, sit and run in them ^^
I hope it made sense XD otherwise please do not hesitate to ask!
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Awww hell yes, thank you!!!
What kind of paint did you use for the soles?
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Acrylic paint :) it does crack a bit when the boots are worn for some time, but I didn't have to actually re-paint it at any point :)
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This is just what I need! Thank you!
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AAAAAHHH Thank you so much! I'm going to cosplay as dark link, and I was going to by some uggs or other boots or something but they're FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE. So, all I need to do for these is buy some black material and viola! :D
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NICE! Good luck :D
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Nice to know, thankyou! :)
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Cant wait to make them!
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Pretty helpful
thanx! :)
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How easy/hard was it to get into them?
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Very easy :) no problem at all!
But getting OUT... now that is just a little harder =P
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Hi. What kind of glue do you used?
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Hot glue from a glue gun :)
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it's a very cool tutorial!

Could you stitch/ew the parts onto the shoe instead of gluing them?
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I guess you could! Depends on which machine you're using. And of course it also depends on which material the inner/skeleton-shoe is made from. It it's just some light fabrics, then yea, I think you can stitch the boot cover to it :3
If you find a solution for it, I'd be happy to see it :D
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Okay, thanks! :D
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