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Tutorial: Link's Boots: Part 1

Now, it's time for boots!

This is only part one!


And I apologize for baaad English xDDD

People who used my tutorial and linked me to their new boots (please do if you want to!):


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Rinkujutsu's avatar
This was one of the first boot cover tutorials that I was inspired by :D !
Nadiaxel's avatar
I am so glad it could be of any use to you ^^
Wintertatze's avatar
I shall use this tutorial! :D Thank you! :aww:
ZombieOwl's avatar
This looks really helpful for figuring out how to make boots in general! Thank you for doing this!
Nadiaxel's avatar
No problem! I'm glad it can be helpful :D
desertxue's avatar
Wow, these are really cool ^^
0Kurichan0's avatar
Woah, I've been looking for a tutorial like this for hours... It's not for a Link cosplay, but the boots I have to make are almost the same... And they're going on well! I'll link you the photo when they're finished!
Nadiaxel's avatar
Yay, glad I could help!
And yes, please post a picture! I'd like to see as many results as possible :3
Hirdael's avatar
Did you use   interlining?
Does it work to make the boots more rigid? :/ ...
Nadiaxel's avatar
I tried looking "interlining" up, and I'm afraid I don't understand the term :) Can you explain it so I can try to answer the question? :3
Hirdael's avatar
Shit ;___; i mean, that fabrik that you put on the nonshowed side of the piece... Mmh... That fabrik that keeps the other piece of fabrik more rigid. Huum! T_T sorry, but i dont know how to describe it better.. Did you understand?
Nadiaxel's avatar
Oh yeah, I think I know what you mean!
Well the suede just had that back. The fabric itself was very stiff. On the very top of the boot, it is some thin (brown) cardboard that I used to stiff'n it. You can use e.g. some silk interlining to have your feet slip easier into the boot, or you can use...uhm.. I don't know what it's called in English, but we have this thing called 'vlieseline' which is some kind of fiber fabric that you glue onto the inside (non-showing) of your fabric using an ironer. This makes it more stiff. You can try to google search images on 'vlieseline' if you want to see pictures =P
I hope this helped! :3
Hirdael's avatar
THANKS, !!!! :leetcrab:
sirpug1996's avatar
Do you know how much fabric these would require? I wanna make sure I get enough
Nadiaxel's avatar
Foe knee-high boots I usually buy about 200 cm just to be sure, but I think 150 cm will do as well :)
Again, it depends on how long and big they are supposed to be :)
Emma-in-candyland's avatar
heya :D just for telling you i've finished my boots, i've been helped by your tutorial so, was wondering if you wanted to have a look :)

Nadiaxel's avatar
They turned out amazing! I really think they look beautiful! Good job!!!!! :heart: :iconexcitedlinkplz:
Emma-in-candyland's avatar
Thank you very much :D
Emma-in-candyland's avatar
On the video game picture there's a lkittle "bump" above the ankle, i was wondering, do you have any idea how i could make this ?

Nadiaxel's avatar
I think you can, before you put in the zipper or attach the cover to the boot, make a fold in the fabric and then stitch/sew it to keep it in place :3
Of course the fabrics you use have to be pretty soft unless it CAN end up maing some weird folds when you put the cover on the boot (because the boot it rounded and the fabrics are more square-like)..
I hope this makes any sense :P
Emma-in-candyland's avatar
Yeah it's actually what i was thinking of xD! thanks^^
Emma-in-candyland's avatar
can faux leather be crafted? ^^
Nadiaxel's avatar
I suppose :3
As long as the leather is not too stiff, you I guess you can make a boot cover from it ^^
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