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Here she is again! I've fallen in love with my own OC lol. Diabolosa is a demontress - no ordinary demon >w<

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Demontress Diabolosa by Nadiaxel  Casual-usagi by Nadiaxel  The Anglermaiden by Nadiaxel  Galaxal Tranquility by Nadiaxel  Persephone (Lore Olympus) by Nadiaxel
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Just found your youtube channel today, and litterally hyped the moment i found out you are a danish artist! Danish for the win! :dummy:
You are so freaking talented and ended up watching your videos and tutorials for more than an hour xD
Well, you definently (or however its spelled) got a watch from me! Looking forward to see more of your creations to suck inspiration out of murhaha! EVIL Laughter! 
abbigayle5371's avatar
I've been watching your Youtube for quite some time and didn't even know you had a DA, hah. I've been very inspired by you and your art style is absolutely gorgeous Heart
I recently got a XP Pen tablet and better software. 
I hope and will try to create art as beautiful as yours.
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aaaaaaaa thank you for watching me videos and finding me here ;w; I'm not SO active on dA anymore because I mainly focus on my Instagram, Youtube and Patreon. So if I reply a bit slow here never worry XD I'm still around!
I loved the XP-Pen I got and I have given it to my husband as a gift and he adores it! It's a really good brand OwO BEST OF LUCK! I'm sure you'll be amazing ♥
xKatenka's avatar
this is...
love this~! <3
Nadiaxel's avatar
Thank you ♥w♥
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OMG!~ This looks gorgeous!
SO Beautiful!~ 
I wish I could draw like this someday~
Nadiaxel's avatar
OF COURSE YOU CAN ♥ and thank you :3
KazuhaRb's avatar
nothing! Have a great day~
winry7405's avatar
You've improved so much anatomy wise and the coloring looks just great. :heart: I think this one is probably my favorite of yours as of late. :aww:
Nadiaxel's avatar
Really? ;//O//; aaa thank you so much, Winry ;_;
TheTubich's avatar
Fantastic job :meow:
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