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Commission Info:

  • I start working after Im paid
  • Payments via PayPal and in US dollars only
  • Simple Backgrounds are free
  • probs & complex backgrounds are start at ~ $15(Based On Complexity)
  • I do draw anthro/Light yaoi/yuri !(so basically I do draw everything but I don't draw any weird fetish and any offensive stuff to any cultures or religions Or any hardcore NSFW)
  • Base prices(meaning they can rise depending on how detailed/description without images/etc)
  • These are one-shots so there wont be revisions unless I happen miss something
  • there wont be any edit after the first rough sketch(I will send it to you and finish it after your approval)...unless i make any mistake on coloring!
  • no refund after the payment...please make up your mind!
  • Be patient! The process can take between a week to a month/ depending on my workbag 
  • you will receive the full size,unwatermarked image file
  • you do not allow to upload uncensored NSFW commissions on the internet!
  • Upon uploading your design to social media, or other places. WATERMARK IT. Do not upload the larger file without a watermark, it only makes it available for someone to use it without permission
  • I retain the right to display the work on my galleries
  • As far as copyright goes, the character design is completely owned by you. As for the illustration itself, the artist and the commissioner are free to use the art as a they please. On my side, for example, if I happen to sell and artbook, I will include the commissioner`s name, your original character`s description, link, etc.
  • You are not allowed to claim the design as your own creation, work, period. You have the rights to use  the design but you did not draw/create it
    (Credit is required for the design posted to other places.)
  • If you`ve sent me a note about a commission and I haven't responded yet, dont worry. I will write you back once I finish a batch of commissions. I do this so I can spend more time on the current batch of commissions

How To Commission me:

*send me a note with description:
*type of commission you want (sketch/full body/...).
*How many Characters{about 10$ to 30$+ for each extra character}
*describe your character in a few words
*visual references of your character are required.(additional refs of the pose/environment/etc.are welcomed!)
*your Email address for me to send you your commission.

+feel free to ask questions
+If you would like one, send me a note!
+also you can check out my gallery to see more artworks and more examples!
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MKFort12 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019
Are your commissions still open? I sent you an email. Let me know! Very interested.
NadiaDibaj Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2019  Professional Filmographer
hello yes I am :rose:
XanaduAuxray Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Hey NadiaDibaj, I was just checking to see if these are still open or not.
NadiaDibaj Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019  Professional Filmographer
hello yes :rose:
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