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I can feel the hatred,
The glares and my tears.
I can read the atmosphere...
But can they see fear?

I shyly asked for you,
maybe meet me behind school.
I said "I love you",
But you say "how uncool".

You now list my faults,
My mistakes and the downfalls,
Then, before you say "No",
I frown and tell you...

"You don't have to say...
I know it by heart,
I heard it almost everyday,
I've known I am stupid,

I'm annoying and definitely ugly,
Worthless and not too happy,
I'm depressing and too quiet,
You could've said 'see ya',

And walk away from sight,
I've heard this almost everyday,
But for this, I'm prepared,
But please reconsider my feelings.

It hurts if you reject,
It hurts to be hated,
But can you at least...
Say we can start anew?

Become friends before an answer?
To you I might change...
Better to worse, you decide,
But don't reject me yet..."
I decided to make this because I was inspired to from reading someone else's work.
I made the cover by Paint, so yeah.
And just in case, yes, you can use the cover picture if you want so there's no need to ask if you feel too bad to ask, but just credit me because I hate it when people don't give credits.

Since I'm too lazy to type what the cover says, here's the link: [link]

Inspired by: :iconcameronisadisaster:
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