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new brushes

new brush
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baraka allaho fik
thank u so much
my regards
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These are not yours either!
Why don't you just remove all of the files that you stole instead of waiting for someone to ask you to do so one by one???!!

why dont you do something constructive with your time?
like jumping off the nearest cliff?
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I'm sorry if i was to harsh on you, i didn't realize you are 5 :|

Informing people of theft is constructive.

You shouldn't use words you don't know the meaning of, its pointless.

definition of constructive

Stop stealing!!
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wooow it's very beautiful
thank you brother
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Very very nice, and I love how we can't see what they are til we download! Hehe. I was pleasantly surprised though, one of the best brush sets I've gotten from DA. Will be sure to credit if used. Thanks :)
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:cry: it doesn't work in my version of photoshop. i have no idea, what to do :( i like it a loooooooot!
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any version he work
which version to do you have? o_O
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Very nice, thank you!!
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Very nice colors .
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شكرا انس
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