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???: Who's There!? *an angelic figure pops out and Matt stops the car*
Matt: Cas, it's me!! Matthew, Remember?
Castiel: Wait.... Matt?Well then, you guys come on in, We've been waiting for you, my friend~!
Matt: *he pulls into the lot and Castiel, along with two others, help unload the car* I tld you the Shortcut works~!
Rick:*nods*oh yeah.but if u knew of the shortcut u shouldn't have said it would take hrs*
*The 2 of them get out of the car and rick has matthew take the suitcases out,while he carefully takes saphrina out of her carseat*
*They all head into the dorms*
???: Cas, who did you find?
Alfred: Mattie~! Long time no see bro~! Hi there, Saphrina~! *pets her head*
Saphrina: *wakes up* Uncle~! *pokes his nose*
**Al leads them to the room the others are in*
Al: These are the Winchester Brothers. *points to the taller one with short hair* this is the older brother, Dean, and *he points to the slightly shorter one with longer hair* this is Sam.
Saphrina: *points to Sam* Sammy~!
Rick:*rick carefully sets saprhina down onto the floor and looks at dean and sam,along with castiel and says*um...its nice 2 meet u 3...and I hope u guys can help find my family and help me with this beelzebulb and belial person and save my daughter....
anyways,I owe u guys 1...i mean I guess ur mainly doing this cuz matthew is a friend of ur's *looks at al and castiel*
*he then looks at dean and sam*and I know ur doing this as a favor 2 alfred,but I still appreciate the help anyways...*bows*
Dean: It's not a problem~
Sam: *he begins to occupy Saphrina by tickling and playing with her* She's cute!
Al: We'll do all we can.
Matt: *pokes Dean and hands him the gun he had in the car* You're gonna need this.
Rick:*he smiles at sam*arigatou
*he then looks at matthew shocked*since when did u have a gun?
Matt: This was given to me as a back-up. It's not a bullet shooter, at least, not a BRONZE bullet shooter. It's a Demon-slaying gun.
Dean: This was Our Dad's back-up gun, we gave it to Al to keep hidden, It must've been mixed up in Matt's stuff.
Rick:*nods*oh...i see....well I guess that’s good at um,when u guys do ur thing is alfred and matthew coming as well or r they staying with me and saprhina? or do saphrina and I stay by ourselves?
Dean: Cas will stay with the three of you, Al will come along with Sam and I. Cas, If we need you, keep your wings stretched
Cas: Roger that
Dean: in the meantime, it's summer for the college, and the teachers have been warned that you all are here, so if you need food or anything, you can head to the cafeteria, all you have to do *hands Rick, Matt, and Cas a card* show the lunch ladies these, and they'll warm something up for you.
Rick:*he takes the cards,and hands 1 of them 2 cas*alrite then,arigatou.
well,stay safe u guys.and arigatou again.
Dean: Sam, Al, Let's go hunting.
*the three of them leave and Cas occupies himself by playing with Saphrina*
Rick:*he smiles and watches*
*he leans into matthew and looks up at him*u think they'll find anything 2day?
Matt: we'll know soon enough, sweetie.
Saphrina: *she babbles and giggles when Cas does something she finds funny*
Castiel: heh, yup, she is her father's little angel, haha. *he pokes Saphrina'stummy, tickling her in the process*
Rick:I hope ur rite...
*he watches castiel play with saphrina and smiles*
*he thinks 2 himself*at least 1 nice/normal thing has happened 2day
*a loud bang is heard outside the dorms*
Cas: uh-oh... Not good... *he flies off, leaving Saphrina with Matt and Rick*
Rick:how does castiel know wat that sound implied?*looks at matthew confused and afraid*wat do u think happened?u don't think alfred or 1 of the others got hurt,do u?

Matt: Rick, Grab Saphrina, and follow me.
Rick:*he follows matthew's instructions,picks her up and waits 4 further instructions*
Matthew:*he leads the three of you to the basement* It's Beelzebub again, that Boom is his warning to Cas that he'll destroy us if Saphrina isn't in his hands.
Rick: oh don't think he would know we r here would he?
also wat about r suitcases and stuff we leave that stuff 4 now...?
Matt: everything would be fine, Cas will make sure he doesn't harm anything
Rick: ok...i hope ur rite.....
This is the last chapter 4 now.Idk when I'll b able 2 do this again.
So 4 now,I hope u guts enjoy the 3 chapters I uploaded ^^.
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June 12, 2015