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*there is no answer at all*
Rick:*looks confused,but enters the room*nii-chan?
*the room is trashed, as if someone had rummaged through the room, Many of Marks' things, to include the chains he used on Rick earlier are noticeably missing*
Rick:ummmm,I wonder y his room is like this,and y the chains r gone. maybe he found a gf and ran off with her or something *he thinks 2 himself* ok then,I guess I'll ask dad *he also thinks 2 himself*
*he leaves marks room,shuts the door and heads 2 james's room and knocks on his door*oto-san
*again, No answer is given*
Rick:*he opens the door*oto-san?
*the roomis is again, looking as if it was rummaged, many of the items from the room seemingly missing, to include James' hunting Knife*
Rick:um...maybe those 2 r doing something.not sure wat the chains and the knife r gonna b used in,but ah well. *he says 2 himself as he leaves the room*
*he sighs and heads downstairs and starts making dinner 4 himself*well,I guess its just a dinner 4 one person 2nite *he thinks 2 himself*
*a note is on the wall beside the refrigerator that says "If you want them back, you'll hand over the Angelic Half Blood"*
*rick stops cooking,when he notices the note*wait,wat....*he puts the food he made into the fridge,and calls matthew*
*when he answers he tells matthew about the layout and the things missing from marks and james's room and wat the note says*wat does that mean?i'm so confused.
Matt: … !! ummm what else is on the note? any markings or something to that effect? Maybe on the back of the note?
Rick:ummmm,hold on amoment.let me check. *he sets the phone on the counter,takes the note off the fridge and turns the note over*
*sure enough, a Pentagram with a name underneath it is there, the name is Beelzebub*
Rick:*he picks the phone back up and tells matthew wat he sees on the back of the note*wats this supposed 2 mean?
Matt: Oh no... Not again... Rick, stay there, I'm on my way to pick you up, you, Saphrina and I are going to vanish for a while... I'll be there ASAP, so get what you need, and be ready. *he hangs up and proceeds to call Alfred*
Rick:wait,wat...*he hangs up,puts his phone away and goes upstairs*
*he goes upstairs,and packs a suitcase of a few things,go downstairs and waits 4 matthew 2 arrive*
*Matt and Saphrina arrive, a few things for both of them packed in the Trunk, Matt opens the trunk, revealing a few questionable items*
Matt:*knocks on ricks door*
Rick: *he opens the door*
Matthew: Put your things in here, and get in, We're headed to Alfred's place.
Rick:wait....wats going on?y r we going 2 america's place?and who is this beelzebub person supposed 2 b?i mean I know its supposed 2 b another word 4 satan,but over the phone it sounded like u knew him...matthew wats going on?plz,tell me...
Matt: Beelzebub and Belial are two Hellish beings said to represent Pride and wrath. Back WAY before you and I met, It was prophesied that a Half-blooded Angel would be taken to hell via their hands. Alfred's roommates are Demon Hunters, alongside them is an old friend of mine from my home world. The Half-blood they are after is Saphrina, Rick, if they get ahold of her, they have the sacrificial key to the Sealed Hell Gate.
Rick: oh no....i hope we can stop this,and also protect saprhina.anyways,brb *he hurries over 2 his suitcase,picks it up and leaves the house*
*he shuts the front door,goes 2 matthew's car and puts his suitcase into the trunk*how long do u think it'll take,till I find my family again,and until alfred and ur friend can get rid of bellzebub and belial.
Matt: Knowing Alfred's friends and my old, angelic friend, not that long, maybe a month or two.
Rick:*he gets into the car and sighs*
Matthew:*he starts the car and they are on their way to Alfred's house* My Old angelic friends' name is Castiel. I never really got to know Al's friends, but from what Cas told me on his ventures with them, they are professional Demon Hunters.
Rick:*he nods*I see...*sighs*well...i hope this castiel person and whoever al's friend is...can help us out...
I really don't want 2 lose saprhina and have her die,espically when she's not even 2 yrs old yet.
and I really don't wanna lose my family at just 13..
so r these ppl contacted yet,or were u waiting 2 contact them,till u picked me up and till we were at alfred's place?
Matt: I already alerted Al that we are on our way. We should be there in a few hours.
Saphrina: Mommy? What happenin? *she pokes Ricks back and points to the scar on Ricks' Shoulder*
Rick:*rick looks at his shoulder*wat in the world....when did that happen?
*he looks at matthew*a few hrs?y is alfred having u go somewhere so far away?
*he looks at saprhina again*nothing is happening sweety,we're just visit a friend of daddy's.
Matt: It's only like three hours away now... Especially if I take a lil shortcut.
Saphrina: *she looks ahead, only to fall asleep a few minutes later*
*Matt turns on to a back road and drives like he knows the place*
Rick:*turns back around*have u been here b4?i mean it seems like u know the road and the paths 2 take.have u had 2 go 2 wherever alfred is having u drive 2,b4?is this not the 1st time ur gonna b there?
Matt: This place is hidden on the College campus that Al and I grew up on. We always went this way when we needed to either hide or just to study in silence. It's a place him and I called our Sanctuary.
Rick:*nods*oh,I um,how many hrs is it,till we actually arrive at the place?
Matt: *slows the car down as they pull up to the college* We are at the College, and now, we grab our things, grab Saphrina, and head toward the old Dorms. *points to a set of Old-style boys dorms hidden behind the College*
Rick:but I thought u said it would take hrs.its only been a few minutes.
also r we allowed 2 b here?if not,wat if we get caught and we get in trouble?
Enjoy guys ^^.
Also the yaoi stuff may happen soon.I know this rp hasn't had any in awhile.
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Submitted on
June 12, 2015