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Nepeta: I See it~! *she touches the portal, one of her claws going through it*
Matt: Umm, Be careful--
???: *attacks Matt and Nepeta as the mysterious figure and a few other figures fall through the portal*
Matt: Woah!!!
Rick:*he looks at karkat confused*build up? y can't I just do wat I did with myself and matthew?
*he then turns his gaze over 2 matthew and nepeta*MATTHEW! *thinks 2 himself*wat r those things and y r they attacking matthew and nepeta?
John: It's apart of the game we were playing before we bumped into you guys.
Karkat and Equius: NEPETA!!!
Matt: w-woooaaahh!! *Nepeta starts to fall, but Matt catches her* What are those things?
???: Foxy, where are we?
Foxy: How should I know, matey, I'm just as lost as ye all are
Rick:*rick facepalms*omg...i've seen tv shows and movies where the games come into the real world,but I didn't think this was possible.i mean technically this isn't the real world,but still.
*Sighs*how r we supposed 2 get these guys back into their game and u guys back into ur world if they're attacking us?*sighs and says sarcasticly*well,this should b fun.
Foxy: Oi, Why would we attack ye? Not like we 'ad a choice 'ere, Lad...
Matt: Wait... Freddy, Foxy,Bonnie and Chica? Why and how did you all get he- *he's cut off as him and Nepeta safely land and yet another supposed "animatronic" lands beside Freddy*
Rick:well u did just attack nepeta just moments ago,so y not attack again?
in any case,how did u guys get out of ur game,and do u guys know how 2 get back?
???: We all fell into a portal of sorts...
Matt: AHH Not You again!!! *he backs away as the "Golden Bonnie" Animatronic Stands up*
???: Ah, We meet again, Matthew!what a surprise!
Rick:*looks confused*meet again?have they came out of the game b4?or did u somehow go into a game?cuz I mean,not sure how else a game character would know u.
*looks at the person who was talking 2 him*1st off,wats ur name?and 2nd of all I know that.but do u know how 2 use it and go back into ur game?
Matt: Spring Trap was actually an enemy of mine whom followed me into the game and got trapped in that suit!
Spring Trap: *takes off his mask, revealing a human head* Yes, We met at our first job!
Freddy: We don't know if we can get back in or not...
Rick:*looks confused*how did u guys get into a game? also who he is,and y is he ur enemy?
*he then looks at freddy* y wouldn't u guys b able 2 go back?
Matt: Long Story Short, Mom went insane and opened a portal, and eventually, Spring Trap, also known as my enemy Vincent, Died due to his own pride and greed getting the best of him
Freddy: I didn't say we WOULDN'T be able to, I said we don't know if we CAN or not... *points to the portal which is Starting to close*
Matt: Noo! This can't be happening!!
Rick:if he died,how is he here rite now and talking 2 us?
*he then looks at freddy*well try.hurry b4 the portal closes and u lose ur chance.
Matt: The suit around him was made to double as an animatronic AND a suit, he got cocky and the locks that made it a suit failed, killing him almost instantaneously. and Karkat's right... I can't lift them in time to reach the portal *points to his wing, which vanishes* and at the rate the portal is closing, Karkat and Nepeta would be separated, and honestly, me thinks that wouldn't be smart...
Rick:but if he died,how is he talking and moving around?that shouldn't b possible.and I can teleport them up 2 the portal*rick does the teleportation spell and brings them on top of where the portal is and rick shouts*HURRY UP AND GO THROUGH! I"LL FIND THE OTHERS AND TRY AND BRING THEM UP THERE WITH U.
*he finds all the homestuck ppl,and teleport them 2 the portal*
*Everyone of the alternians makes it through*
Matt: Well, It's not PHYSICALLY him who is talking... His spirit, along with his body is doing all this with Spring Trap....
Rick:*he goes back over 2 matthew and looks confused*but he took the head off.and his face is human and its moving as he talks.if he's dead and his spirit is just possessing the suit,those things that hes doing,shouldn't b physically possible.
Spring Trap: Ah, but that's the beauty of having Multiple Spirits inhabit your body, m'boy
Rick:multiple?how many r inside u?and how does having more than 1 spirit allow u 2 move and do things like a human?this makes no sense. *thinks 2 himself*then again,nothing has made sense 2day.
Spring Trap: I have a total of Three Spirits. One- My own spirit- controls my voice, another controls my movement, and the third controls the animatronic itself.
Rick:how do u have 3 spirits inside u? *looks at matthew*also,did u know about this?the him having more than 1 spirit inside him thing,I mean.
Spring Trap: Again... There were more than one incidents in that game which involved death. Three of which involved this very Grave of mine
Matt: yes, I knew about this
Rick:I see...*he sighs*in any case.since the portal won't let u guys go through.can u and the other animatronics get over so I can try and teleport 2 ur world?if my spell doesn't work...idk how 2 get u guys back 2 ur game...u guys might have 2 ask some1 from this universe/world if need b.
Freddy: Agreed. Let's try out the spell... *him and the others go over to Rick, Matt following after Sollux is successfully through the portal* Let's Go, Shall we?
*rick nods*I hope this works. *he uses the teleportation spell on all the animatronics and tries sending them back 2 the five nights at freddy game*
*Freddy and the crew makes it back and Matt opens his laptop to make sure*
Matt: Yup, They made it~!
Rick:*looks at matthew*when did u bring that with u?
and I'm glad that they got back into the can we go back 2 our universe now,or r we still needed in this world?
Matt: I always have it on me... Force of habit since I usually travel with Al on long trips And as far as my sense sees... We can go back now~
Rick:*nods*I see,and that’s good.*he teleports them back 2 matthew's place and rick sighs*anyways,I gotta go home now.i gotta do my homework and I gotta make dinner.*sighs*it sucks we never got 2 hang out 2day,thanx 2 all these random ppl and their diff worlds/universe.maybe we can do something 2morrow or the day after.*he hugs matthew*well,I guess this is bye 4 now.till I see u at school,2morrow anyways.
Matt: Hey... Look at this real quick... * brakes the hug,and opens the Software Alfred downloaded earlier and the news is on*
News Caster: Since the phenomena of this week, many people have gone missing, Many of them being elder teens and adults 18 and older. Thankfully those of us here at the station are safe, and here to give you the news as usual...
Rick:*rick looks confused*I wonder wats going on...i mean luckily I'm not 18 or an adult,I hope u and the other adults I know,stay safe.
well in any case,I really do gotta go home.maybe we can do this 2morrow.
Matt: Okay, I'll take care of Saphrina as well.
Saphrina: *babbles a bit before shouting down the hall* Bye mommy~! *she giggles*
Matt: you be careful as well, baby~
Rick:I see,the u and monaco r playing with in the hall*chuckles and waves at saprhina*bye,sweety.
*looks at matthew*I will.arigatou.
*he leaves the house and heads back 2 his place*
*once he's there,he goes into his bedroom,and starts doing his homework*
Matt: *he excuses monaco and feeds Saphrina as he pays the sitter* Thank you so much, I owe you one~!
Monaco: No problem~!
Rick:*he sighs,as he does his homework*
*4 hrs later,rick sighs and knocks on marks door 2 see,wat he wants him 2 make 4 dinner*
Enjoy :).
Srry this chapter is so long btw.I didn't think itvwas gonna b this long;it was gonna b longer than this 2(chapter 42 would've been apart of this).
Good thing I split them up when I did.
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