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Matt: *nods* But first we should go and check on Saphrina. It'd be best, you know?
*rick nods and tells all the homestuck ppl,and everybody else*plz get us later,we'll come back 2 do our thing,later.
*he then teleports himself and matthew back 2 his place,and they head upstairs 2 check on saphrina*
saphrina:*she stands up in her crib,and stares at them and giggles*mama,dada.
rick:*chuckles*awww,that’s adorable.
Matt: *picks her up and nuzzles her* Hi sweetie, how are you doing?
rick:*pets her head and smiles*awww,who's enjoying their daddy time?
saphrina:babbles*and leans her head into matthew's cheek*
Matt: aww, Sweetie~! *kisses Saphrina's cheek, then lays her back in her crib* Mommy and daddy need to go help some friends now, you be good, okay?
saphrina:*babbles,and lays down in the crib,waves and says*bye-bye
rick:*chuckles*awww,so cute *kisses her cheek,then teleports himself and matthew back 2 the others,and rick says 2 the homestuck ppl*alrite,r u guys ready 4 me 2 try and teleport u back2 ur world now?i mean if I was able 2 bring us back 2 our world,I should b able 2 do the same 4 u guys now.
Karkat: WELL, I THINK WE NEED TO BUILD UP AND REACH THAT GLOWING THING *he points to a distant portal that's glowing above us*
Matt: No problem~! *his Wings spread, showing Karkat and the crew his wings* I can fly you all to it!
*rick nods*I think its best 2 only only take 1 or 2 at a time.i don't think u manage carrying all of them at once is a good idea.don't put 2 much pressure on urself and think ur strong enough 2 do so.ur gonna wind up hurting urself,and/or the others.
Matt: I know, Sweetie, I got this. *he flaps his wings, grabbing Nepeta first and lifting her easily upto the portal*
rick:*he watches them flies off,and thinks 2 himself*plz b safe.
Srry I haven't been updating this rp.its still hard 4 us 2 hang out and continue this.
Anyways, enjoy guys ^^.
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Submitted on
June 10, 2015