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Rick:*nods and starts looking*
Kigen: Pick out anything u like
Rick:*picks out mario kart and hnads it 2 him*how about this?
Kigen:Sure, lets play
Rick:*they go back into the other room,and once yuki and matt saved their game,they switch 2 mario kart*
Kigen:Teams or solo?
Rick:how about solo
Kigen:Solo it is then, lets get it on
Everybody:*they each choose their character and start the race*
Kigen:*first race down, kigen is in last place* One more time
Everybody:*they chuckle and do another round*
Kigen:*2 rounds later and kigen is still in last place* Well i suck
Yuki:well thats cuz u only played this game once b4 this time,nii-chan
Kigen:Good point, one more round and then I have to go make dinner
Yuki:i thought we had left over pizza 4 that?
Kigen:we just finished all that while playing.
Yuki:all of it?wow
Mattie:Yea well we were pretty hungry, move theater food just doesn't fill you up like it used to. now lets finish this last round.
Yuki:*after awhile the round ends and yuki chuckles*better luck next time,bro
Kigen:I can't believe that you won very round, your too good at this game.
Everybody:*they all chuckle*
Kigen:Sushi good for dinner?
Everybody:*they nod*hai
Kigen:*heads to kitchen,takes out a fish and starts carefully cutting it so he can make the sushi*
Kigen:hope rick likes the dragonfly rolls *he says to himself*
Rick:rick goes downstairs and says*want help?
Kigen:sure, you know how to make sushi?
Kigen:how? ur turn
Rick:wat do u mean how?
Kigen:How do you know to make sushi
Rick: probably the same way as u
Kigen: I'll buy that for now
Rick:wat do u mean?
Kigen:Eh, it's nothing.
Rick:tell me...
Kigen:Well I learned to make it cause I like trying different foods an I always wanted to try sushi. I doubt the reason for you learning is the same as mine.
Rick: oh....
srry about it being short again. i just wanna get as much of the rp/story uploaded as possible 4 several reasons.
1.i don't always get on my laptop,2.i don't always use my usb and edit the turns out.3.i'm busy with work/volunteer,and 4th. i sometimes(rarely) hang out with friends. and lastly i'm busy with fb and other social media,so i don't always have a lot of time 2 do this.
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Submitted on
June 22, 2015