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Kigen:Well I've lived hear alone since I could and those two are adopted. I took in yuki, after a trip to Canada last year, because she and her family don't get along and she didnt want to to be with them. Mattie I took in just because he makes me feel like an older brother. I took him in first then I took in Yuki. All at their request of course.
Kigen:Now if you don't mind me asking, what's your family like?
Rick:where r ur parents?and yuki's parents were ok with u takin her?and y did mattie want 2 b with u?
and my family life is ok,i mean i don't have mom,but thats about it
Kigen: I never knew my parents, I was always alone. Her and her parents didnt get along so there was no issue about her coming with me, they just sent all her stuff here after she came back with me. As for Mattie he wanted to leave, his parents were always tough on him when it came to school so one day he had enough and ran away and I was the only one he could turn to.
If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your mom?
Rick:but some1 must've raised u,i mean u couldn't have survived on ur own from a baby,thats not possible
and poor yuki,and u know thats dangerous,ur raising a runaway,the police r goin 2 look 4 him
Rick:and she died cuz of me...
Kigen:If someone did then I have no idea who. The only people that I consider family are those two and those that are close enough to me to know what I can remember about my past. Yea it got to me 2, how can someone be so cruel to their kid like that, it's not right. An Mattie family know where he is, they just never made any move to get him to go back home, I'm not crazy enough to keep an underage kid without letting his parents know where they are, that would get me arrested ten where would they be.
Kigen:And may I ask how she died because of you?
Rick:nods*i hope u find the person who helped raise u,and hopefully yuki and matties parents visit them sometime....
and..i was 5,and i was walkin on a curb,didn't hear the car and my mom got in the way
Kigen:Yea I hope so 2, as for them, wherever they are happiest is where I'll let them be.
Kigen:And that could be considered your fault but to others it was the driver's fault for driving that close to the curb.
Rick:*nods*thats nice of u....and arigatou....4 thinkin that...
Kigen:Well I'm a nice person, I just seem like a jerk cause people don't know me that well.
Rick:I'll always think that.
Rick:so that's why he's like this *thinks to himself*
Kigen:Well you better head upstairs, they're probably wondering where you are all this time. Tell em I'll be up in a few with the pizza from last night and some soda
Ur turn
Rick:*nods*wheres their room?
Kigen: Head up the stairs and just follow the noise, you'll find it
Rick:*nods and goes upstairs and enters their room*hey...
i'm so srry it took so long 2 get this chapter up.
4 the past yr or 2,i thought i copid the txt wrong and i thought i had 2 fix it with the person i rp with,but i was stupid/had a derp moment,and misread the txt.
i'm gonna try and upload as much of this rp as i can.
srry its short btw,just tryin 2 get as much of the rp uploaded as much as i can.
srry 4 the ppl who liked this,and/or downloaded this,4 making u all wait so long.

anyways,i hope u enjoy ^^.
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Submitted on
June 22, 2015