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*rick gulps,and and follows his family family into the kitchen,he eats in silence*
*mattie smiles*thats great
*meanwhile,back at ricks*
Uncle: this is actually pretty good, thought Mark was lying to us.
*at kigen's*
Kigen:Lets go play some video games.
Rick:glad...u like it uncle...
*mattie nods*alrite,lets go *heads upstairs*
Uncle: what do you think guys, good food?
*everyone one else but mark nods their head and goes back to eating*
Mark: well you look happy for once, anything you want to tell me *he whispers to Rick since they are sitting next to each other*
Rick:*gulps and shakes his head*
Rick:*he continues eating*
You'll tell me when you know you can trust me, I get it.
*goes back to his meal, the rest of the meal quite except for the sounds of utensils hitting plates.*
*at kigen's*
Kigen:And that's for this morning *kigen says giving the final shot to mattie;killing the two in halo*
Kigen:*looks over at the clock by his bed* it's that guys can keep playing though, I'll go get some food for us.*he heads downstairs*
Oh almost forgot * pulls our cell And texts Rick* "leave your window open"
Rick:*rick txts back*y?
Rick:*after dinner rick says*any1 wants dessert?
Mattie:*he nods*ok bro
Kigen:*replies* it's a surprise
*back at ricks place,everyone nods*
Rick: ok*he txts back*
Rick:*he says 2 every1 else*wat would u like 2?
Every1:whatever there is.
Rick:*nods and gives every1 some ice cream and some of them who didn't want ice cream he gave them cupcakes*
*Rick got a cupcake 4 himself and sat down*
Every1:*everyone finishes off their dessert then heads to the living room to watch tv*
Rick:*rick follows and sits down on the floor,not wanting 2 sit by the family,and fearing wat they may do 2 him*
Mark:*mark is talking with their cousins while his dad is talking with his aunt and uncle*
Rick:*rick focuses on the tv*
Mark:*mark looks over at his brother and see for the first time, that he seems genuinely happy since the accident* wonder how i can earn his trust *he asks himself*
Rick:*rick gets up and says*i'm goin 2 bed,nite uncle,aunt,every1,hope 2 see u soon *he goes upstairs and looks at his uncle who follows him*
*he turns around*hai.....?
Uncle:keep walking brat and keep your mouth shut
Rick:ha...i....*turns around and keeps walking into his room and gulps*
*over at kigen's*
Kigen:alright guys he'd to bed, tomorrow's school.
Kigen: oh forgot one important thing *he pulls out his cell and sends a text to rick* the eyes always the same as mine, that doesn't change
srry its taking so long 2 upload the chapters guys.
anyways,enjoy ^^.
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Submitted on
June 26, 2015