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Kigen:just try it, its better than you think
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie: ok..
Kigen:*he takes his own* so what do your think?
Kigen:i made it so its more sweet than salty just for you.and to satisfy my craving *he mumbles to himself*
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*they chuckle and eat the ice cream*
Kigen:you like it rick?
Rick:rick shrugs*its ok *continues eating*its a bit strange,i never had this b4
Kigen:eh you get used to it, what about you 2?
Yuki,and Mattie:its ok,nii-chan
Kigen:good, cause i plan to make a lot more often*he finishes his ice-cream and goes to sit on the couch*
Kigen:wanna watch a movie?
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*they nod*sure
Kigen:rick you can pick.movies are on the stand next to the tv
Ricki'm good,u can pick
Kigen: i insist, you are the guest
Rick:but i want u 2 pick
Kigen:*digs though stack of movies* got it, well when you guys finish you can go sit in the living room, i'll make some popcorn
Yuki,and Mattie: ok nii-chan
Kigen:*he goes back into the kitchen,finds the popcorn, tosses it in the microwave*you guys done, popcorn's almost finished
Yuki,and Mattie:*they nod*we been done,nii-chan
Kigen:k, I'm coming *heads back into living room and plops down on the couch next to rick*
Kigen:here you go, now lets get it started *turns on dvd player then shuts the lights while the previews play though*
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*The 3 of them,sit on the couch*
Kigen:i think you love it *he whispers to rick*
Rick: I love wat?
Kigen:the movie of course, i think you'll like it
Rick:*after the movie was over,rick goes upstairs into the guest room*
Rick:*he takes off his shoes,then goes into bed*
Kigen:*takes the two to their rooms and sets them on the bed, giving  Yuki a kiss on the forehead and ruffling mat's hair. Then heads to own room and goes to bed only in his boxers*
Rick:the next morning rolls around and rick wakes up*
Rick:*he goes downstairs and rubs his eyes*
Kigen:*kigen wakes up soon after, slips on a t-shirt and head downstairs, yawning*
Rick:*turns around*Ohayou(good morning)
Kigen: Ohayou *he said while yawning*
Kigen:You can go brush your teeth in the bathroom upstairs, it's across the hall from my room while I make breakfast.wat do u want 4 breakfast?
Pancakes or waffles?
Rick:but i don't have my toothbrush.and how about waffles
Kigen:Waffles it is, there's a spare in the the cabinet above the sink, you can use that
Rick: ok *Goes back upstairs and into the bathroom*
Kigen:*gets out the stuff to make waffles, deciding to make plain, chocolate chips and blueberry*
Kigen:Wonder which he'll take? *he asks himself*
Rick:rick goes downstairs and chuckles*actually i should brush after i eat,not b4
Kign:Whatever you say,there's  chocolate chips, blueberry and plain. Take which ever you want
Rick:*Smiles*sounds good.U got any syrup?
Rick:also do can i have some juice plz?
Rick:*gets 1 bluberry and 1 chocolate chip and sits down at the table with his plate and fork*
Kigen:*pulls out syrup and 4 glasses then goes to fridge and takes out orange juice.* Here you are, you eat and I'll go wake the other two.
Kigen:*heads upstairs to wake mat and yuki*
Kigen*he returns back downstairs,with yuki and matti*
Everybody:*they all start 2 eat*
Kigen:Ah I love waffles *kigen says through a mouthful of them*
Yuki,and Mattie:*they laugh*ur gross,nii-chan
Kigen:*swallows then sticks tounge out at them* Well I'm finished, I'll be getting ready
Kigen:*sets plate in the sink then heads upstairs*
Everybody:*they all nod*ok,kigen
Kigen:*finishes morning routine an getting dressed and was downstairs*
Bathrooms free
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*after 10 mins,the 3 of them finish brushing their teeth*
kigen:So we have a few hours before I have to take Rick home, what do you guys wanna do?
Yuki:u pick,nii-chan
Kigen:How bout you guys go play in the tree house in the back yard.
Yuki: ok,nii-chan
Kigen:Well get going, I'll join you in a few minutes *he says winking at Yuki and mat*
Yuki,and Mattie:*they nod and go outside and into the treehouse*
Kigen:*two minutes later kigen is climbing up the tree as a squirrel
Rick:*rick is following him*
Yuki,and Mattie:*they laugh*
Rick:*crawls into tree house and changes back*
Kigen:Ask him why he's following me. *changes back to squirrel* and scurries back out on  branch*
Rick:rick goes into the treehouse and says*where's kigen?
Yuki:nii-chan,he was following u into the tree house,baka(idiot).and nii-chan change back into a person would u
Rick:*Rick looks confused*change back?
Kigen:*clibs back in through the window and changes back*
Kigen:You had to ruin my fun, I was gonna freak him out a little. *says to Yuki and mat*
Kigen:Hey Rick, what's your favorite animal?
Yuki:but he looked upset that u weren't here can u do that?
Kigen: Don't  know, just always have been able to since I turned 16, so what's your favorite animal one one that you would like for a pet?
Rick:wow....and um.....*shrugs*surprise me
Kigen:We might want to get out of here for that, dot want to bring the tree house down
Rick:but u said somethin 2 pet.....wat could b big and pettable but also bring down the treehouse...?
Kigen: Well what I have in mind is something you can pet but I don't think the tree house will be able to hold the combined wait
Rick:*nods and follows the others out of the tree house*
Kigen:*jumps down ad turns into a tiger mid fall and lands on feet*
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*all 3 tremble and say*baka,turn back
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:U want people 2 see a tiger in r backyard and think its an escaped tiger from the zoo?ur goin 2 freak people out.turn into a normal animal
Kigen:*turns back to normal with a chuckle then turns into a cat and jumps onto ricks shoulder, rubbing his head into his cheek*
Rick:*rick chuckles*wat r u doin?
Kigen:*hops down from his shoulder and goes back to normal, with a faint blush* sorry bout that, it happens with animals I've never changed into before, their mindset takes over for a bit. Any other questions
Yuki,and Mattie:*They fake cough*liar,wanted 2 touch him
Rick:*Rick looks confused*huh?and not really,no questions
Rick:but wat should we do?
Kigen:Hush you 2 *he says with blush rising* its nothing, just them being silly. I don't know about you guys but I am going for a a climb. Care to join me Rick
Rick:a climb?
Kigen:Up the tree. It's got a great view when your all the way at the top.
Rick: ok...
Kigen: that makes me glad that you had fun. *looks down at Rick* what's that in your hair?
Rick:wats wat?*feels around on his head*
Kigen:Tree branch, I got it.*reaches over and removes branch, letting hand longer in his hair for a second* so soft *he thinks*
Kigen:Lets get you down from here. *picks up rick and flies him 2 his house*
Rick:*once they got there,rick hurried inside,and headed into the kitchen*
Kigen:*waving at Rick as he passes the kitchen window, then turns into a raven and flys back home*
Rick:*Rick chuckles and finishes and plates the table*
Rick:*after an hr theres a knock on the door and rick lets his family in*
Rick:*rick looks confused when he sees his uncle,aunt and his cousins arrive at the house*
*his aunt says*we decided 2 visit,since u couldn't visit us
*the uncle nods*that and we hear u cook pretty good food
Yuki:*meanwhile back at kigen's place,yuki notices the paper in his hand and smirks*
*his family chuckle once rick shuts the door*
*Rick gulps and leads them 2 the kitchen*
Mattie:awwwww,did he finally give u his number?*raises his hand*hi5,bro.maybe now u can tell him ur true feelings,man
Kigen:Yea he gave it to me without me having to ask for it. * high5's mat*
Kigen:We'll see about that last one when I know he likes me 2
enjoy guys ^^.
This will b the last upload/chapter 4 now.i'll try and post some more in the near future.not how near and not 4 sure when,but i'll try and upload more asap.
also this is longer than the other chapters cuz i wanted 2 post as much of the rp/story as possible,since idk when i can post again. again,i hope u all enjoy :)
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