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Kigen *5 mins later,kigen enters the room* here some pizza and some soda guys, if you need anything I'll be downstairs
Yuki:nii-chan shouldn't u b with us?i mean he is ur guest,and i'm sure he wants 2 b with u 2
Kigen:Sure I'll stay but we'll be playing my ps3 instead, it's more fun.
Ur turn
Mattie:*nods*just let me and yuki save r game 1st
Kigen:Sure thing, while your doing that me and Rick here will go see what he wants to play
Rick:*heads over to kigen room*
Kigen:take a seat on the bed.see anything you like? *kigen asked opening the stand under his tv, like the collection
Kigen:So why didnt you want to stay upstairs with them?
Rick:never said i didn't,i just wanted 2 offer help
Kigen:And I thank you for it.want to head back upstairs with them or stay down here and watch some tv?
Rick: i'll play with ur siblings *smmiles and goes back upstairs*
Kigen:have fun
Kigen:he's such a good kid, why would anyone want to hurt him *he thought to himself
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*after a few mins they go downstairs and help kigen with the shushi,then they start 2 eat it*
Kigen:Hope you guys like it, Rick helped me make it
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*they smile*this is good *they all eat*
Kigen:They're right Rick, this is good.
Rick:*smiles*u helped,silly
Kigen:Actually it was you that helped goofball
Rick:yes i know,but ur makin it seem like i cooked it all myself
Kigen:well i always praise those for what they do
Rick:*smiles*i see
Kigen:hold still you have a bit of soy sauce by ur mouth.*reaches over to dab sauce away, then stick finger in mouth*
Kigen:hmm tastes better for some reason
Yuki,and Mattie:*they both chuckle,andfake cough*smooth,smooth
Rick:rick looks confused*huh?
Kigen:ignore them, i aways do *he says with a smile*
Rick:*nods*hai *continues eating*
Kigen:so you want to do anything tomorrow before i have to take you home
Rick:not that i can think of
Kigen:well we'll figure something out in the morning
Rick:*he nods*ok
enjoy ^^
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Submitted on
June 22, 2015