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I apologize for the lack of updates; however I am not in the greatest of shape right now. It has been difficult for me to sit for long periods of time, or even to walk and stand. However, I have taken the time to complete Lilith in her Ballroom Gown. More art to come when I'm fully functional again!
Thank you TheLaboratory for your beautiful help with the digital inking.
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She looks GORGEOUS in this!
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WOW!!! Such gorgeous color!!! I just can't get enough of it. I like the detail in the character in general, from her clothes to her hair, to her expression to her anatomy. It is all soooo well done. Great work!!! :dance:
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Thank you for your comment <3 Oh my gosh, you have commented on so much, hehe, I'll just respond to all of them here :3 Thank you so much for all your comments; your thoughts are very much appreciated <3 I've taken a peek at your gallery as well, keep up your great work too~ I'll be reading and commenting on your stuff soon; sorry I'm a little slow due to the baby always wanting my attention right now XD
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Lol, YOU'RE SOO VERY WELCOME!!! :heart: Everything I either :+fav:ed or said was VERY much deserved on your part. And thanx for the comment on my gallery, I'm glad you like what you saw. Lol, and I understand about the baby thing. My 22 year old sister just had a baby, moved in with us, and now she goes out all the time trying to party, and leaves either my mom or me with HER kid. XD lol, its ok though. He's a beautiful baby. I love takin' care of him. :smooch:


~ Kim :heart:
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This is awesome.
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Looks good, kiddo. I dig the colour scheme, very mystical; the saturation is also nice, subtle. And of course sweet hair!

How's things? And how, you know, "things"?
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Things are going great! I don't have the time right now to leave a long reply, but will make sure to send you an e-mail later :)
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nice clothing design
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nice coloring in this. you have an interesting style. i like the outfit design
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wow. beautiful colouring!~~ the clothes folds are all the in the right places o.O great job! :clap:i i also loved the colours you used on her hair >.< very creative. though i think her leg need some fixing up ;P
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Very neat! My one comment would be that the shading could be a little smoother on the dress; I think that might help the highlights pop out a bit more.

Nice job.
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Wooo! Hot! Nice work!
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Thanks Geo! Comments from you are the bestest! <3 lol. I'm glad you like how she turned out :3
Nice detail on the clothing :) And the girl as a somewhat 'elfish' look!
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Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked it! Haha, she is an elf, so I'm glad you think she has the right look :P
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Beautiful. I love the colours. :clap:
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Thanks for the comment and fav. It's great to know you liked it ^.^
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wow! this is pretty XD
i love the coloring on the dress =D
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Thanks for the comment! Hehe.
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my pleasure =]
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Great work! I love her dress and hairdo! You have a personal drawing style which I like and a good eye for colours!
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Thanks so much for the great comment :) It's wonderful to find out what others think.
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