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:iconnadairead:nadairead posted a status
Okay... I... give up.
I was trying to find my Sims 3 base game, so I can install my saved games again after this system cleaning.
But I can't find it anymore. So I thought, hey, you can take your sisters. Pff, yeah... except I can't use it because the productcode is already being used. Does it seriously mean I have to buy a fucking new game just because of this dumb code???
I am so tired of all this. First my computer doesn't work properly anymore, couldn't use it when a pal renewed the system for me, then I can't load my things because Internet Explorer doesn't open a single website! (Internet connection is fully available)
I can't do ANYTHING right now! No games, no art. NOTHING!
And I don't want to try anymore...
I am tired... Stupid shitty technology!
It's just the half of my life, but okay...
Who cares, right?

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cartoonygothica Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017
[I care.]
pirran-p Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Student Digital Artist
We care
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