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I could use some more friends in certain places. c:

Twitter:  amethyst-crow (@ nadairead)  - Posting drawings, rants, and opinions there - 

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Old Tumblr: nadine-the-pnk (still active), nadairead, nt-88, nadine's favorites

"New" Tumblr:  amethyst--crow  - I wanted to distance myself from old stuff. The old blogs are NOT deleted. Don't worry. I'll keep them.

I have Pinterest, too:  amethyst crow (kantayeni1656)

And for those who care about NSFW art, it's there: NadinePNK on FurAffinity

amethyst crow

I've created a ko-fi account now, too. If you like my art and what I am doing you can support me now.
I don't have a real job and currently I am disability pensioned (social anxitey).
Every bit counts, since money is always kind of low. 
Thank you! :heart:
[ ] You have a unibrow
[ ] You often say random things at random moments
[ ] You're not very intelligent
[x] You like buttered toast
[x] You like chickens
[/] You enjoy monster/horror movies (Monsters/Dinosaurs, yes. Horror, no.)
[ ] You have super human strength; or are at least very strong
[ ] You don't mind living among filthy or smelly things
[ ] You have a younger sibling and are afraid of him/her
[x] You have a big appetite

Total: 3.5

Edd (Double D):
[ ] You're clever
[ ] Most people often ask you for advice or assistance
[x] You often wear a hat or some other type of headwear
[ ] You have a secret and keep it hidden from everyone
[/] You're not very athletic
[ ] You enjoy helping others
[x] You often don't want to get involved in any kind of trouble
[ ] You label your belongings
[ ] You often repeat things at least three times; ex. "messy messy messy"
[x] You're a neat freak

Total: 3.5

[ ] You love money
[ ] You have a favourite type of candy and are obsessed with it
[ ] You often yell when you speak
[x] You're short
[ ] You're overconfident or at least very confident
[ ] You talk about yourself, even if what you say isn't true
[ ] You like to or try to scam others
[ ] You show off
[ ] You hate school
[ ] You like to prank people

Total: 1

[ ] You're a jock
[x] You usually call people something insulting; ex. "dork", "geek", "punk"
[ ] You like the colour green
[x] You have a bike
[x] You accomplish many tasks
[ ] Almost everyone likes you
[/] You make fun of or laugh at People 
[ ] You say "choice" a lot
[ ] You are or often take the role as a leader
[/] You're afraid of getting needles from doctors 

Total: 4

[ ] You have an imaginary friend
[ ] You believe your imaginary friend is real
[x] You're weird
[/] People think you're annoying 
[ ] You have a big head
[ ] You're bald
[x] You have respect for Mother Nature
[x] You like animals
[/] You don't mind taking orders from people
[ ] You celebrate Arbor Day

Total: 4

[/] You have a funny accent
[ ] You live in another country that isn't your birthplace
[ ] You work on a farm
[ ] You talk about your family a lot
[x] You often say things other people don't understand
[ ] You refer to yourself in third-person
[ ] You enjoy "shiny" music
[x] You're stronger when you're mad
[/] You like to eat meat
[ ] You have awkward traditions

Total: 3

[x] You're timid
[ ] You want to be famous
[x] You want to be strong
[ ] You cry a lot 
[ ] You have a friend who fights for you
[x] You like stuffed animals
[ ] Your wear braces
[/] You get frightened easily
[ ] You're accident prone
[ ] You like fairy tales

Total: 3.5

[/] You're bossy
[ ] You have a bad temper
[/] You can be sweet one minute then mean the next minute
[ ] You have an older brother 
[ ] You protect your friend(s)
[ ] You threaten to snitch on somebody if they don't obey you
[x] You like playing with toys
[ ] You have a brilliant imagination
[ ] You have a diary
[ ] You're strong for your size

Total: 2

[/] Others think you're cute
[ ] Most people notice your beauty rather than your character
[x] You have blonde hair
[ ] You giggle a lot
[ ] You have a high spirit
[ ] You enjoy doing aerobics
[ ] You love your school
[x] You scold somebody when they've done something wrong
[x] You often say "dude"
[x] You're a tomboy

Total: 4.5

May Kanker:
[ ] You're attracted to the unintelligent types
[ ] You're goofy-looking
[ ] You have buck teeth
[x] You're naive
[ ] You're clumsy
[ ] You talk funny 
[ ] You're often picked on by your siblings
[x] You can be surprisingly smart sometimes 
[ ] You have a wild imagination
[x] You hate doing chores

Total: 3

Marie Kanker:
[x] You're attracted to the intelligent types
[/] You hair covers at least one of your eyes
[x] You wear baggy pants
[ ] You pick on people 
[ ] You hang with your siblings even though you argue and fight
[ ] You save gum for later
[ ] You enjoy kissing
[x] You think some people are weird
[/] You're jealous
[ ] You like/watch wrestling

Total: 4

Lee Kanker:
[ ] You're attracted to the loud-mouth types
[ ] Your hair covers your eyes
[x] You don't like it when people touch you hair
[ ] You argue or fight with your siblings
[ ] You like polka dots
[x] You have a prized possession 
[ ] You flirt
[ ] You like to fight
[ ] You like getting into trouble
[x] You ditch or have ditched school 

Total: 3

Result: Nazz with 4.5, close seconds with 4: Kevin, Johnny, Marie Kanker
Stolen from :iconqu33n-0f-r4ts:

Place in society:
Financial: Wealthy / Moderate / Poor / In Poverty
Medical: Fit / Moderate / Sickly / Disabled / Disadvantaged
Class or Caste: Upper / Middle / Working / Slave / Unsure
Education: Qualified / UnqualifiedStudying
Criminal Record: Yes, For major crimes / Yes, For minor crimes / No

Married - Happily / Married - Unhappily / Engaged / Partnered / Single / Divorced / Separated / Its Complicated
Has a child or children / Has no children / Wants children
Close with sibling(s) / Not close with sibling(s) / Has no siblings / Sibling(s) deceased
Orphaned / Adopted / Disowned / Raised by Birth Parent(s)

Traits and Tendencies:
Extroverted / Introverted / In between
Disorganized / Organized / In between
Close minded / Open-minded / In between
Calm / Anxious / In between
Disagreeable / Agreeable / In between
Cautious / Reckless / In between
Patient / Impatient / In between
Outspoken / Reserved / In between
Leader / Follower / In between
Empathetic / Apathetic / In between
Optimistic / Pessimistic / Realist 
Traditional / Modern / In between
Hard-working / Lazy / In between
Cultured / Uncultured / In between / Unknown 
Loyal / Disloyal / Unknown
Faithful / Unfaithful / Unknown 

Monotheist / Polytheist / Atheist / Agnostic 
Belief in ghosts or spirits: Yes / No / Don’t know
Belief in an afterlife: Yes / No / Don’t know
Belief in reincarnation: Yes / No / Don’t know
Belief in aliens: Yes / No / Don’t know
Religious: Orthodox / Liberal / In between / Not religious
Philosophical: Yes / No

Pro-suicide / Anti-suicide / Doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-euthanasia / Anti-euthanasia / Doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-choice / Anti-abortion / Doesn’t know or on the fence
Pro-marriage / Anti-marriage / Doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-Death penalty / Anti-Death penalty / Doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-Drug legislation / Anti-Drug legislation / Doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-Murder / Anti-Murder / Doesn’t know or on the fence 
Pro-Cannibalism / Anti-cannibalism / Doesn’t know or on the fence 

Sexuality and Romantic Inclination:
Heterosexual / Homosexual / Bisexual / Asexual
Sex repulsed / Sex neutral / Sex favorable
Romance repulsed / Romance neutral / Romance favorable
Sexually: Adventurous / Experienced / Naive / Inexperienced / Curious 
Potential Sexual Partners: Male / Female / Agender / None / All
Potential Romantic Partners: Male / Female / Agender / None / All 

Combat skills: Excellent / Good / Moderate / Poor
Literacy skills: Excellent / Good / Moderate / Poor
Artistic skills: Excellent / Good / Moderate / Poor
Technical skills: Excellent / Good / Moderate / Poor

Drinking alcohol: Never / Sometimes / Frequently / To excess
Smoking: Never / Sometimes / Frequently / To excess
Other narcotics: Never / Sometimes / Frequently / To excess
Medicinal drugs: Never / Sometimes / Frequently / To excess 
Indulgent food: Never / Sometimes / Frequently / To excess
Splurge spending: Never / Sometimes / Frequently / To excess 
Gambling: Never / Sometimes / Frequently / To excess 

1. Movies:
Comedy or Action?
Romance or Horror? (Neither.)
Adventure or Drama?
Historical or Musicals? (Neither.)
Sci-fi or Westerns? 

2. Food:
Tea or Coffee? (Both.)
Cake or Pie?
Fruit or Vegetables? (Both.)
Sweet or Spicy
Cereal or Oatmeal?
Bagels or Cookies? 
Sandwich or Pizza? 

3. Nature:

Early bird or Night owl?
Summer or Winter? 
City or Countryside?
Cats or Dogs? (Neutral.)
Hiking or Swimming? (Neither.)
Forest or Meadow? 

4. Misc:
Hugs or Kisses?  
Books or Movies?
Shorts or Long pants
Monopoly or Sorry? 
Comic books or Novels?
Showers or Baths
Chess or Checkers? (Neither.)
Hip-Hop or Classical music?

Your Existing Situation
"Needs extra attention and must feel she is very important to those around her. If she doesn't think she is being spoiled enough, she may shut herself off from others."

Your Stress Sources
"Feels unappreciated and in an unpleasant position. Needs personal recognition and the respect of others, since she has not been about to find partners who value the same things she does. she holds back her emotions and is unable to give fully of herself, but lasting isolation makes her want to change those ways and surrender to her deep urges. Giving in to her natural instincts and urges is a sign of weakness, so feeling this way makes her weak and irritable. Fighting these urges makes her feel stronger, as if she can take on anything that comes her way. Longs to be valued as an important associate and admired for her personal qualities."

Your Restrained Characteristics
Open and emotionally involved in relationships and easily finds satisfaction through sexual activity. (I am not sexually active.)
"Feels she is carry more than her share of problems. she is flexible and laid back, sticking to her goals and working to overcome any difficulty."
"Feels trapped in a helpless situation and is desperately seeking relief. she is able to find pleasure and happiness in sexual activity, as long as there is not a lot of conflict or emotional difficulty."
"Emotionally withdrawn, feels forced to make compromises which makes emotional attachments difficult."

Your Desired Objective
Seeks to be known for something she has accomplished and uses her social abilities to win people over. Emotional and sensitive and romantic.

Your Actual Problem
"Impressed by unique and one of a kind things, and by people with exceptional personalities. Tries to takes the characteristics she likes in other people and apply it to herself as well as coming across as a unique individual."

Your Actual Problem #2
"Feeling a lack of energy, she does not wish to be involved in further activity or give in to demands. she is feeling powerless causing her stress, agitation, and irritation, all which she tries to escape by refusing to participate altogether. she tries to escape into a fantasy world where things go her way and her desires are easier to reach."

It's pretty accurate.
Here is the test:…

I created it myself. Feel free to to do it. c:
I wanted to give it a try. Enjoy!

Mike Wazowski

[ ] You're very ambitious
[ ] You're very short
[ ] Your favorite color is Green
[ ] You wear/have worn braces
[ ] You like to study
[ ] You always give your best to achieve your goals
[ ] You tend to be narcissistic
[ ] You're critical
[ ] You overestimate yourself sometimes
[ ] Your sign is Scorpio


James P. Sullivan ("Sulley")

[ ] You're tall
[ ] Your favorite color is Blue
[ ] You're somewhat selfish
[ ] You act tough
[ ] You learn by doing
[ ] People adore you
[ ] You cheat to get what you want
[ ] You're strong
[ ] You're loyal
[ ] Your sign is Leo


Terri & Terry Perry

[ ] You like to dance
[ ] You can be snarky
[ ] You like to meet new people
[ ] You do magic tricks
[ ] Your favorite color is Yellow
[ ] You have a slender body
[ ] You're a twin or you have a brother
[ ] You like parties
[ ] You're eager
[ ] Your sign is Aquarius


Scott "Squishy" Squibbles

[ ] You're in touch with youur inner child
[ ] You're living with your mom
[ ] You like to have friends
[ ] Most people underestimate you
[ ] You can be scary
[ ] You're good at sneaking up on people
[ ] You're an party-animal
[ ] You're short
[ ] You have an innocent personality
[ ] Your sign is Aries



[ ] You're mysterious
[ ] You have "the chill" most of the time
[ ] Nobody knows abot your past
[ ] Your favorite color is Purple
[ ] Your body is flexible
[ ] You have a life outside the house
[ ] You keep a journal/diary
[ ] You don't work out
[ ] You like to cause trouble
[ ] You don't care much about responsibilities


Don Carlton

[ ] You're mature
[ ] You're looking for a new life goal
[ ] You're a good guy
[ ] You always try your best
[ ] You wear glasses
[ ] You're chubby
[ ] You're somewhat awkward
[ ] You like to hang out with younger people
[ ] You stick to your friends no matter what
[ ] Your sign is Cancer


Go there: :iconhyenakay-archive:HyenaKay-Archive

[ ] You're a fast runner
[x] People bully you/have bullied you before
[ ] You know you're destined for greater things
[/] You like old-fashioned stuff
[/] You're adaptable
[/] You aren't afraid to take advantage of someone if it means you'll get better
[ ] You've made a lot of enemies
[ ] Light blue is your favorite color
[ ] You aren't a good swimmer
[ ] Some describe you as opportunistic
Total = 2.5


[/] You love showing off (ehh sometimes)
[x] You like being alone
[/] You think you are intimidating (sometimes)
[x] You love meat
[x] You prefer things as they used to be (i hate it when things change)
[x] You prefer to be prepared for anything than to specialize in something
[x] You prefer to not get in a fight
[x] You are protective of your belongings (very)
[/] Tolerance isn't your strongest aspect (I keep learning)
[ ] Orange is your favorite color
Total = 7.5


[ ] You're taller/weigh more than the average person
[ ] Green is your favorite color
[ ] You're a vegetarian/like veggies more than meat
[ ] Strength is your greatest quality
[x] You like water, whether you swim or not
[ ] You have a powerful presence in the room
[ ] Following a crowd is second nature to you
[x] You never waste food (I hate wasting)
[/] You won't tolerate bullying (depends on the situation)
[/] You can be a bit intimidating (someone told me)
Total = 3


[ ] You are intimidating
[ ] You prefer to be in control
[/] You are independent/like to be independent
[/] You aren't beyond working together with someone
[x] You love eating meat
[ ] The methods you use in life aren't exactly clean, but they are efficient to get the job done
[ ] You love a challenge; the bigger the challenge, the bigger the rewards
[ ] You naturally like being in charge
[/] You like to travel (never traveled before out of my state alone, so...)
[ ] Red is your favorite color
Total = 2.5


[x] You weigh quite a bit
[x] You can be a bit on the defensive side
[/] The simple way of life appeals to you
[ ] You can work well with others
[x] Math isn't your best subject
[/] You'd defend your friends if they need your help
[x] Yellow is your favorite color
[ ] You're picky on what you eat
[ ] You don't exactly have the best intellect
[/] You can be a bit clusmy
Total = 5.5


[ ] You are very social
[/] You're known to be talkative (I CAN be)
[ ] You don't like living alone
[ ] You're physically fit
[/] You love singing (only when I am alone)
[x] Family is everything to you
[ ] You've babysat before/like to do it often
[ ] You've been considered a good parent
[ ] Brown is your favorite color 
[/] You like to travel
Total = 2.5


[ ] You love to run/jog
[x] You love being free/like the outdoors
[/] You like hunting (not REAL hunting, of course)
[ ] You live with your family
[x] You'd protect those you care about (yesss)
[ ] Blue is your favorite color
[ ] You're intelligent/cunning
[/] You can be intimidating when you want to be
[/] You know how to use a weapon
[ ] You're a natural leader
Total = 3.5


[x] You like pretty things
[x] Your bark is worse than your bite
[x] You're over-protective about things
[x] Purple is your favorite color
[ ] You want to be a parent/already are a parent ( N E V E R )
[x] Poached, scrambled, fried; eggs are your favorite food
[x] You've kept a bird feather for an extended period of time
[ ] You're a hopeless romantic/believe in true love
[x] You can be fussy about your living space
[/] Cleanliness is close to Godliness in your book 
Total = 7.5


[/] You are very protective
[ ] You are physically strong
[ ] You're great with kids
[/] You like showing off
[ ] You're great at contact sports
[/] You're straightforward and blunt
[/] Gray is your favorite color (depends on the tone)
[ ] You never back down from a challenge
[/] You hate bullying (doesnt everyone???)
[/] Veggies are your thing
Total = 3


[ ] You can be intimidating
[x] You prefer being alone
[/] You can get along in a group when necessary
[/] You can be a glutton
[/] You have an iron stomach
[x] Black is your favorite color
[ ] You occasionally bully people to get what you want
[ ] You KNOW you are in charge
[x] You have a great sense of smell (i think????)
[x] People look up to you/have looked up to you (some do/did)
Total = 5.5


[/] You love seafood (mostly fish)
[/] You can be a bit showy without meaning to
[x] You are a good swimmer
[x] You prefer lakes over oceans 
[x] Gold is your favorite color
[/] You can be intimidating without meaning to
[ ] You love fishing
[/] You consider yourself a specialist in something (I don't like to boast...)
[/] You can occasionally be wasteful (about charging energy for my phone sometimes)
[/] You don't like being bossed around (I can take some orders as a guideline)
Total = 6

Ankylosaurs (added by Riddlebox)

[ ] You dont take crap from anyone
[x] You have a high pain tolerance 
[ ] Your a bit larger than average
[/] Your proud of how strong you are
[x] You dont like fighting/ bullying
[ ] You prefer a bowl of fruit or a salad over anything else
[x] You believe strength can come in all sizes
[ ] White is your favorite color
[ ] People see you as trustworthy/ someone to go to for comfort
[/] You are a sweetheart to your friends and family, but watch out for those on your bad side
Total = 4

Pachycephalosaurs (added by Riddlebox)

[/] Your considered stubborn or hard headed
[ ] You love one-on-one competition
[x] Pink is your favorite color
[/] You hate to lose in anything
[x] You consider yourself average
[x] You love to display the things you love
[ ] You look drastically different from when you were a kid
[ ] You have had a concussion sometime in your life
[x] You love your family, but also love to go off on your own
[/] You consider yourself an easy target for bullies, but you wont let them stop you
Total = 5.5

Ornithomimids (added by Riddlebox)

[ ] You are a fast runner/ love to run
[ ] Your considered skinny/ thin
[x] Your a typical omnivore
[/] At times you are flashy/ flamboyant
[x] You love colorful birds
[ ] You do leg lifts/ leg presses/ any major leg workouts
[ ] You love travelling long distances as fast as you can
[ ] You are considered graceful
[ ] You tend to stick more with a large group than alone
[ ] Silver is your favorite color
Total = 2.5

Result: 1# with 7.5 = Ceratosaurs/Oviraptors (Now I need to make myself an Oviraptor design. Yolo)
            2# with 6 = Spinosaurs

(Well, same result as before, but it was still worth it~)
Carrie Williams
[ ] you like sports
[ ] you love being the center of attention
[ ] you're flirtatious
[ ] you're fierce
[ ] you're daring and brave
[ ] you're charming and winsome
[x] you love to mock other especially authority
[x] you hate cheating
[ ] you're a leader
[ ] you're interested in taxidermy


Heather Olson
[x] you love edgy accessoires
[ ] you're an party-animal
[ ] you are a hopeless romantic
[ ] people tend to take advantage on you easily
[x] people have called you odd
[ ] you are polite or talk very formally
[x] you have fangirl tendencies
[ ] you get drunk easily
[ ] you're determined to make your dreams come true
[x] you're hesitant of trusting others
[ ] you like heart-shaped things


Taylor Holbrook
[x] you long for freedom or adventure
[x] you don't want anyone to hold you down
[x] you value your freedom over everything else
[x] commitment scares you
[x] you're cynical and don't trust others easily
[x] you're a tomboy
[ ] people wish you could be a bit more girly (not anymore)
[x] people consider you a rebel
[ ] you like sex alot
[x] you tend to be hurtful blunt
[ ] you try to hide your emotions


Crystal Du Bois
[ ] you tend to cry alot
[ ] you tend to see the good in every person
[ ] you have a need to prove yourself
[x] you struggle with sharing your mind or you're a little submissive
[ ] people falsely tend to think you're snooty/snobby
[x] you hate being the center of attention
[x] you're more of an outcast
[ ] you prefer love over wealth
[x] you are very protective over the ones you love
[x] you value character on people over beauty or wits
[x] you adore things that glow in the dark


Naomi Jackson
[x] you love to wear (leather) jackets
[x] you're sarcastic
[x] you have a short temper
[x] people consider you sassy
[x] you love winning
[ ] you wear alot of make-up
[x] you're stubborn and willful
[x] you tend to be manipulative
[/] you have "sex" appeal (I was told I do, but I don't believe it much)
[x] you're artistic
[x] you're somewhat of a pyromaniac or you just like fire


Britney Davis
[x] you look younger than you actually are
[ ] people tend to find you loud and annoying
[ ] you tend to speak in a higher pitch
[ ] you love to wear colorful outfits
[ ] you get excited easily
[x] your hair is a mess sometimes
[ ] you are optmistic and cheerful
[ ] you're talkative and sometimes talk too fast
[ ] you're someone with a childish/innocent view of the world
[ ] you're charming or charismatic
[ ] you can shriek very loud


Result: Naomi with 9.5/10, followed by Taylor with 9/10.

created by nadine-the-pnk & scaredy-pun