Hello everyone, after too many years of inactivity I am back on DA, I've updated gallery and I hope you enjoy my art. ^^
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By Nad4r
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GrevusAnjlHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful stuff. I mean just... wow!. :)
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RosValeeraProfessional General Artist
yay Great!!! :D
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UndercovernunStudent General Artist
YAS dis is sooo good <3
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hopeforaliceProfessional General Artist
Great work!
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vhirex23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I enjoyed it :)))))))
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iaini-diamantiaProfessional Digital Artist
amazing no matter where I see it, LOVE your work!
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Hello! you have email?
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customwaifus Digital Artist
You are absolutely one of my favorite artists now!! I love your work so muuuch!
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StarsColdNightProfessional Digital Artist
beautiful faces you made :love:
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NerduxHobbyist Artist
paint tutorial?
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ImprimezStudent Digital Artist
these are amazing!!
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SteveDeLaMareProfessional General Artist
Welcome back, looking forward to seeing some more from you :)
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Eric-S-HuffmanProfessional Traditional Artist
I just checked my list.. in almost 10 years the person who has THE most fav's by me happens to be you.
i don't give out many but well.... DAMN!!!
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JowyAndersonHobbyist Digital Artist
welcome back Nadar ! :)
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I am looking forward to it ^^ I enjoyed your art greatly.
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inkrushHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yeah!
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alexis667Hobbyist Filmographer
Holy crap welcome back your stufff is amaaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiing
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wildewalderHobbyist Photographer
ok, come on girl and show as your art /,,/
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