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January 4, 2016
Princess Mononoke by Nad4r is a beautiful rendition of San with soft focus, a bright palette, and a wonderful painted style.  From the suggester: "Outstanding at every level and excessively charming and appealing."
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by Smirtouille
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Princess Mononoke


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Exkyuubi's avatar

You brought her to life like nothing I've ever seen.

Kyena's avatar
Just out of curiosity:

Did the original artist give you permission to use his work?
Princess Mononoke by Liang-Xing
Seojinni's avatar
DAMN. that's a shame. 
eoos's avatar
you realize these are completely unrelated?
Seojinni's avatar
How are these unrelated? It's the same thing but this one with more saturated colors.
eoos's avatar
It's the same character in the same pose from the official poster, but if you look closely, the nose, accessories, eyes, lips, everything is drawn differently.
Seojinni's avatar
I just did an overlay in photoshop. nose, lips, etc might be different, but this person definitely used the original for HEAVY referencing, might I add, with no credit. A lot of things line up with an exception of a few tweaks, easily done by photoshop. It's not rocket science to look at these two and be able to see the similarities. saying they're completely unrelated is a bit dense
Anyway this person has been called out for all their tracing before so arguing about his/her originality has no point :s
Good day!
Zorbonaut's avatar
The moment I saw this, I knew it must have been a DD at some point.
Proricmatic's avatar
I think I'll do a Mononoke too.
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

Shembre's avatar
Wow, the colors are stunning!
SnowInHades's avatar
Ooh, that's lovely.
JPosey76's avatar
Amazing stuff!
100fluffychinchillas's avatar
why does this remind me of Kiba btw love your art work!!
OakRidgeFarms's avatar
I love this movie <3 <3 :la:
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IanMacDougall's avatar
Congrats on the DD :)
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