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Portrait of Marina Nery


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wow awesome work~!!!!

beautiful lighting on this, I hope to create a painting from this if that's ok?

absolutely stunning

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Super stunning art.


Love Love Love 
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I hope you don't mind-- I did a portrait inspired by your portrait. :)  Please let me know if this is okay.

Portrait by Darlenethemachine
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I don't care about what people say, your works are great.
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The method you use is not different from tracing. The fact that you need to setup your reference and your canvas with the same dimensions (moving together like a mirror) and you even need a hotkey to reset both views in case that one of them gets misplaced, it should be more than enough to prove how much you rely on that setup to trace the reference (I also like how you hide that part of the screen on twitch for obvious reasons). I invite everyone to try it to understand how it works.

I'm still waiting for a tutorial where your reference is static and outside of Photoshop. Obviously you won't do that because you don't have enough skill to draw just by using your eyes. You need your tracing setup in Photoshop to do the job.

I was your fan (impressed by your "accuracy", not the rendering part) until I saw how you do it. Now I feel scammed. Render an hyper-realistic face is not hard, just tedious. The hard part is draw the reference in an accurate way and that's the part where you cheat super hard. You are lucky that most of your fans are not artists and they don't understand how your tracing method works because they don't have enough knowledge about Photoshop. Regardless of what people say, you are not photo-bashing anything, what you do is tracing with your mirror setup.

If anyone decides to try that mirror tracing setup, remember to work with a big resolution and zoom in a lot so the margin of error is minimum (it's like trace with a microscope, even if you are 1 pixel off it will look great when you zoom out).
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I don't understand? Using a reference image isn't tracing. Why would it be? Is using the grid method also tracing then? 

I don't believe you're less of an artist, because you don't paint "from your imagination" (Not sure how to phrase that, english isn't my first language) How does it make a difference if it's a person standing still for 2 hours, or if it's a photograph of a person standing still? 
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he is tracing from the refrence image. idk what ever your first language is but tracing means tracing- it means you did not even try to recreate the photo yourself.
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Just check out his other works. You'll see he is skillful enough to create variations from source photos. And he has some originals as well. 
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DaVinci always said "Whatever works" and i'm sure if some of the classic artists were alive today, they would trace and do anything necessary for the final result. Remember the camera obscura.
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What?Are you sure?:0

I looked at both images and I still noticed a lot of differences.
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Awesome work speechless . I dont understand what is peoples problem. Just bcoz he is excellent at his skills, why do ppl bad mouth.
And what is wrong in paining photo realistic or taking reference from real. Its important. even the so called  " original painting" are reference from/of real ppl photos or in live. Plz stop judging him, if you dont know the process. 
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You are such an amazing artist Wooow....:squee: 
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Muito linda. Olhar penetrante e expressão do tipo: _Cale-se! Ninguém te perguntou nada!
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Holly craaapp!!! I couldn't believe that ut's painted till I took a look at other portraits and focused on some of their details!! This is truely amazing !! You got the skill and not any skill. You deserve more than just a watch!
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Your art is fantastic.
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Soooooo realistic!!!! It's amazing! (*⁰▿⁰*)
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