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Portrait of Devon Jade

By Nad4r
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Full Painting Video… 
2 Hour Slower Version
Livestream Painting…
Original Photo by Aaron Tyrree (Model: Davon Jade)
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cbj4162Student Photographer
mmmhm!! :) :) 
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LilyasProfessional General Artist
Not seriously painted imho but accurately copied from a photo, no matter what you think to see in the video.

Portrait Of Devon Jade Base Photo by Lilyas

Direct comparison painting - photo:

Portrait Of Devon Jade - Painting Photo comparison by Lilyas
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StarxxiHobbyist Artist
Yours was posted a year after.
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LilyasProfessional General Artist
Yes, but it's not mine. It's just a comparison.
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StarxxiHobbyist Artist
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canttelHobbyist Digital Artist
not seriously painted?
the dude painted it idk what your trying to get at here.
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LilyasProfessional General Artist
How do you know? You've seen it in a video? Yes, I saw those, too. You can overlay photo and painting and they will almost accurately match. Nobody can paint that precisely without using the original as the base layer.
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Not true, I have the video he did paint it without overlay.  I know an airbrush artist that can paint that detailed and accurate I attended a workshop by him and he is that good.  Dru Blair 
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canttelHobbyist Digital Artist
i was just trying to understand what you were trying to say. ive heard from other comments that he traces, but the painting itself is his doing.
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warkentien2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Flawless! Favorited :+fav:
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Very realistic
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ExionianArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
why is that even possible?
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artistickikiHobbyist Traditional Artist
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ubinkoProfessional Photographer
nice ....very nice....i like it.....
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Sweet! Well done.
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jyaciniProfessional Traditional Artist
hyper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT!
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A lot of people are complaining that it's "too boring" but idk I really love this type of hyper realistic art. Your stuff is inspiring :)
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The method you use is not different from tracing. The fact that you need to setup your reference and your canvas with the same dimensions (moving together like a mirror) and you even need a hotkey to reset both views in case that one of them gets misplaced, it should be more than enough to prove how much you rely on that setup to trace the reference (I also like how you hide that part of the screen on twitch for obvious reasons). I invite everyone to try it to understand how it works.

I'm still waiting for a tutorial where your reference is static and outside of Photoshop. Obviously you won't do that because you don't have enough skill to draw just by using your eyes. You need your tracing setup in Photoshop to do the job.

I was your fan (impressed by your "accuracy", not the rendering part) until I saw how you do it. Now I feel scammed. Render an hyper-realistic face is not hard, just tedious. The hard part is draw the reference in an accurate way and that's the part where you cheat super hard. You are lucky that most of your fans are not artists and they don't understand how your tracing method works because they don't have enough knowledge about Photoshop. Regardless of what people say, you are not photo-bashing anything, what you do is tracing with your mirror setup.

If anyone decides to try that mirror tracing setup, remember to work with a big resolution and zoom in a lot so the margin of error is minimum (it's like trace with a microscope, even if you are 1 pixel off it will look great when you zoom out).
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Lana-Lovecraft /// How is this "spamming"? These are simple facts. Nadar is a cheater and other major artists have even spoken against this sort of thing that Nadar is a part of. This is also what destroyed Deviantart for me about 10 years ago along with that stupid management lawsuit against one of the founders, Jark. It's like a giant wave of fakeness has taken over.
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You don't listen to people and you prefer to believe your eyes? You hope I give you no reply because you don't want to explain simple things to me? If it's so simple to explain why do you completely refrain from explaining it to me? Is it so difficult to look at simple facts? I thought you like "using your eyes"? 
What you're saying makes absolutely no sense in this context.
Besides, nepurii already, and very eloquently, stated what he's doing, so please don't be disrespectful to people without having anything to back it up Lana-Lovecraft.
You want to see mirror set up?
Here you go:
He's literally tracing line for line and sampling colours and you can even catch him copying off textures from the original photograph.
If he's not a cheater, how do you explain that an artist with such a genius skill even requires to copy a photo? If he's such a genius why does he even need references? I mean he's obviously a god right? But you'll just believe whatever you want to believe anyway. Have fun with that.
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