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Black and White

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check out my colorized version of Black and White

Black and White Colorized
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Absolutely gorgeous. Looks like a painting. :+favlove:

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Oh my... Why didn't I know this so far...  Such an amazing work!!Heart Heart 
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I can tell this is not a photograph because she is too perfect :laughing:
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I can't tell if this is a drawing or photograph or some combination of!
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Me : Mooom, look at the picture !
Mom : Oh ! The photographer did a great job !
Me : Actually, it's a drawing !
Mom : O_O
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Mother of God, I'm in love *-*
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wow this is beyond beautiful
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how do you bloody do this!!? 
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not. a. painting. it's so obvious. watch the youtube video where it reveals he's a hack who copies and edits pictures.
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Hi Laura!

I am not sure what tutorial you found on YouTube but perhaps this is the one:… ? This video is not a tutorial from 
Irakli  but is from another artist who uses filters to make a photo look similar to paintings. Irakli paints his pieces from scratch. 

Irakli starts his paintings "airbrushing" with the soft airbrush in Photoshop. After that he'll paint detailed skin textures with another brush. That is how he achieves the unbelievable realism in his paintings. 
Looking at the reference and at his final piece, he uses his artistic license and paints certain parts much better adding expressiveness and incredible beauty that was not in the reference.

It appears that in his painting above "Black and White" he might of added noise, sharpening, or high pass in Photoshop to make the painting appear even more realistic.
His sensitivity to color and details is outstanding. Irakli has just an incredible gift!! :) 

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He doesn't draw his paintings from scratch, He photo manipulates the reference picture.
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damn this is beautiful! your amazing!
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I am totally absorbed. It's wonderful.
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She looks alien yet realistic. I love it!
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