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Emma Skulley
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I have no age, I have no soul, I have no life. But befriend me if you dare.

When I don't draw I redraw memes with (no) originality

You can also follow me on:

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I still don't do Commissions. But I'll surely open something bout them. I guess.

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:OPEN - Adoptable - Kumoboshi Calendar 16:
Hello! This little character is an adoptable based on Kumoboshi's ( :iconkumoboshi:) species, HIBANAdoll!

Price and payment:
- The price is set to 40 USD!
- Send me a comment or a private message if you're interested and can pay
- Payment via Paypal only

Additional details description:
- The flowers in their ears/eyes are morning glory
- Recharge with a battery
- Barcode on the right of their neck

More detailled description of the species here! >…
:Summary of Art - 2018:
HERE YOU GO? 2018!!!

I didn't even post a 2017 version because I wasn't even proud of me that time... But now I am. Since April I started drawing the same faces (not entirely but, the shape is the same, I mean), but it's also at that moment that I started to like how my art was >< I had my moments of doubts of course but, I'm definitely proud of me this time.
That last one is the only bright/saturated drawing of the year ahah-

Anyway!! Here you go--
:Dusk Stroll:

I was inspired (from google maps) by Yusentei Park somewhere in Fukuoka, that particular location looked peaceful and cozy!

Ayumu can smile but he just doesn't do it much around people anymore (and animals don't judge!). He's just a bit more relaxed, although it doesn't erase everything.
Those fish looks like it recognized Ayumu as a potential "feeder" but alas he has nothing for them-

(Ayumu - OC)

:Playing for Halloween:
I say "Halloween" but it's not really... "halloween-ish".
It's You playing a horror game (I went for Outlast-) with all the other characters...they aren't all friends but concessions were made for this dscene to happen... u - u 

For more context, from left to right (more or less), Yosami doesn't like games that much, Sasha is enjoying it (and eating sure
ly), 'Junya' is pretty into it, Fukarou is judging, Ayumu searches for hints on internet, You has a hard time playing, Yuriy is on edge, Akito is annoyed by Makoto, and Makoto is yelling since he's better at games than You-
Here you go!

I'm so proud of it because I don't generally draw them all together, but just that make them feel so alive!! Even though they're dead!! Anyway-

(Yosami/Sasha/Junya/Fukarou/Ayumu/You/Yuriy/Akito/Makoto - OCs)
:Inktober 2018:
So this year I tried to challenge myself with Inktober. I did better than last year, because I think I did only 8 days... So I'm proud I did it longer this time.
I'm not feeling like continuing but I did a (super lame) collage of the 15 drawings I made for Inktober this year!

All of the characters represented are my OCs (Except for the 11th, it's me and my boyfriend)!



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Happy Birthday!
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I think so, did you have any cake yet?

Nacura-G Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't really, so I appreciate the virtual and pixelly cake-
Thank you!!
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Hope you get some given to you soon. :D
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What is your favorite color?
Nacura-G Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My favorite colors are aquamarine, teal, turquoise, generally the blue-green colors!
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Hi, happy birthday and hope you have a nice day as well :hug:
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