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I rushed over the bridge as fast as I could. I barely paid attention to any of my other surroundings and headed straight for where the noise was coming from. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" the voice screeched. It sounded like Ham Sandwich's nasally voice. I burst through the doors of the small building it was coming from and saw Ham Sandwich and Gweelok standing with their backs turned to me. They seemed to have their palms against their cheeks. I walked around so I could see their faces, and rather than seeing a look of horror like I expected, I saw two elated faces. "THIS IS HEAVEN!" Ham Sandwich exclaimed in a high-pitched tone. "YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN!" Gweelok agreed. I turned to look at what they were fawning over, and it turns out it was a whole arcade of games. Indeed it was a wonderful game room, with many classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat. It also had first person shooter games, ski ball, a basketball machine, some win-a-prize games, and air hockey. "Woah!" I thought out loud as I looked around. "This looks like alot of fun," I smiled and turned to look at Ham Sandwich and Gweelok. They both shot looks at me. "These games belong to us!" Ham Sandwich crossed his arms as he shook his head at me. "Yeah! We're the video game nerds here! Buzz off!" Gweelok responded, also crossing his arms. Standing together, they almost looked like twins. "I-I'm sorry" I apologized. "I'll leave you two alone then" I told them as I exited the arcade. At least no one was hurt.

I walked out of the arcade and immediately began to look around the area I had passed without observing. Upon looking around, I found out why this place was called an amusement park. There were a few carnival rides, the arcade I had just exited, a gift shop, a cafeteria, a few game stands, and an information booth. Also off in the distance, there was a gate with a huge lock on it. There's nothing I can do about that though, as the rules state I'm not allowed to tamper with any of the locks. I went up to the information booth, hoping I could find some answers about this place. I went up to the counter and rang the bell that sat by the edge of the counter. Just as I rung the bell, Uncle Grandpa sprouted up from behind the booth. "GOOD MORNING!" he shouted cheerfully. The sudden greeting made me shout and fall over. "Geez Louise, Mary, you are easy to surprise!" he giggled. "Well, I'll be honest with you Uncle Grandpa, I was not expecting a greeting like that." I admitted as I got up and brushed myself off.

"You rang?" he asked, seemingly ignoring my answer. "Uh, yes. I rang because I was hoping to know more about this amusement park here." I answered him, not expecting him to tell me anything of importance. "Well, this amusement park was made solely for you guys! The purpose was to help you all get along. Unfortunately, Tanezumi took over the park and is completely making the worst out of this fun amusement park." he told me in a dramatic manner. I felt like I was watching one of those soap-operas you find on TV when you flip through the channels. "Uh, yeah I know all about that already, is there any other information I should know about this place? Like when it was built or something?" I asked trying to gather any kind of information, even if it didn't seem too relevant right now. "Well I, with the help of my friend Frankenstein and a few of his buddies, built this amusement park in an unknown year!" he stated in such a scholarly manner that the nonsensical answer almost sounded plausible. "How could you not remember when you built it?" I raised one of my eyebrows. "Usually I time travel so much I forget what year it is!" he sighed. "Though, everything in this park looks relatively new and untouched, so perhaps you have made this recently?" I asked. "Perhaps." Uncle Grandpa rubbed his chin. "The food here is delicious! I ordered the finest of chefs to cook the food!" he told me with much excitement in his voice. "I bet you can't wait  to eat dinner, huh?"

"I'm looking forward to it." I told him. "Anyways, can you please tell me why you erased part of our memories? Do you even know who Tanezumi is?" The questions I asked seemed to make Uncle Grandpa uncomfortable. "Mary, I told you I can't tell you that! I wish I could but I'm not allowed to! I-I don't want to see you get hurt!" he told me with tears in his eyes. "You all mean so much to me I don't know what I'd do if any of you got hurt!" he shut his eyes and took in a deep breath. "It's bad enough I lost Remo, I can't lose any of you!" He sobbed before opening them again. "As for Tanezumi, I haven't met her in my life! I don't know what she'd have against me or any of you! She's a very mean rodent!" he told me with a stern look on his face. I think he answered everything he had the capability of answering for now. There's no sense of me badgering him about what went on earlier or what happened to our memories, as it made him pretty upset. I don't know about the others, but seeing Uncle Grandpa upset like that makes me feel absolutely terrible. I wish I knew what he meant by "seeing us get hurt", though. "Alright, Uncle Grandpa. I'm really sorry about asking those questions. Please don't be upset!" I tried to comfort him as I put my hand on his shoulder. "It's okay, Mary. I think I need to lie down for a bit. How about you go check out the awesome stuff here." he suggested to me with a sad smile. He then seemed to disappear out of thin air.

I nodded and started towards the gift shop. When I entered, I saw a variety of novelties. There was also a section filled with candy and other sweet foods. Strangely enough, some of the seemingly useless knick-knacks looked like they could be useful at some point. I started down one of the aisles, only to find a bunch of Uncle Grandpa themed merchandise knocked down and replaced with Tanezumi themed merchandise. "Yeah, that Tanezumi is quite full of herself" I heard a proper voice say. I turned around and saw The Fart, who was holding onto what looked like a soap dispenser in the shape of Tanezumi's head. "It's quite a shame she'd knock down all of Uncle Grandpa's merchandise. In fact, I believe it was quite rude of her to do such a thing." he then smiled. "However, she has put up some quite useful things. Like this hand sanitizer bottle for instance. It is very important to keep clean!" He told me. "The more you know!" he gave me a sincere grin. I don't think he meant what he said in a sarcastic way, but usually when people give that phrase they are being sarcastic. He is a Disgustoid, though, so he probably does not understand what sarcasm even is. I also don't understand why he would care about hygiene. None the less, this is not a time to judge other people, especially since I know nothing of Digustoid culture to begin with. I nodded in response to his statement and continued down the aisle, looking at both the items on the floor and the items on the shelves. "It's kind of silly to have a gift shop when none of us have the money to pay for anything, though" I said out-loud. "Don't worry about that, Tanezumi said everything was free!" I heard a voice say. I looked up from whatever I was looking at to see Pizza Steve with a duffel bag filled with various items from around the gift shop. "You can't go wrong when everything is free, right?" he chuckled before handing me an empty duffel bag. "You should probably stock up before everyone else does" he suggested to me. "I'M GONNA TAKE IT ALL!" I heard a crazed voice say. I then saw Ramona with several duffel bags filled with various items, mostly candy. "THIS STORE WILL BELONG TO MY PIZZA PRINCE AND ME!" she told me with a cackle. Pizza Steve chuckled. "You gotta love this girl, recognizing my royalty!" I don't know who's more arrogant, Pizza Steve or Tanezumi. I began to take some things I felt I would need. I also decided to take some of my favorite candy from one of the candy shelves. My duffel bag wasn't too filled up like Pizza Steve's or Ramona's was, but I felt I got a decent amount of things that would come in handy to me later.

I left the gift shop and went into the cafeteria. It was a decent sized place with a large table that could seat twenty people. I squinted, as I began to find the numbering odd. There were originally twenty-one people here, including Uncle Grandpa makes twenty-two. The hotel had twenty-three rooms, but if including Uncle Grandpa there were twenty-two people, why was there one extra room? Come to think of it, I don't think I saw a picture on one of the doors. Why were there only twenty in the cafeteria if there was twenty-one people excluding Uncle Grandpa? I shook my head. These were questions I'd bring up with the group later. I looked up and saw Mr. Gus, Tiger, Beary Nice, and Dennis. "Hey look everyone, it's Mary!" Beary Nice pointed out in his loud and obnoxiously happy voice. "Hi Mary! Beary Nice to see you! WAIT! THAT'S ME!" he began to giggle. Dennis rolled his eyes. "You are the most annoying thing I have ever had the displeasure of meeting!" he hissed at Beary Nice.

"This cafeteria is quite a nice place!" Tiger grinned, ignoring Dennis and Beary Nice's shenanigans. "Don't you think, Mary?" she asked me. I nodded. "Yeah. Uncle Grandpa told me the food was really good." I responded. "I wonder who cooks the food." Mr. Gus didn't take his eyes off of the cafeteria set up. It looked like he was trying to look for something. "Maybe Uncle Grandpa does." Beary Nice suggested. Mr. Gus didn't respond to that suggestion, instead, he began to walk away from the group. "Where are you going?" Tiger asked him, going to follow him. Beary Nice chuckled. "That Mr. Gus sure is a serious fellow!" Dennis huffed and marched out of the cafeteria. I waved at Beary Nice and followed after Dennis. I didn't want to stay alone with Beary Nice, he gave me the creeps!

I went over to the game stands, and saw Billy and Slog playing a shoot-the-target game. Billy was teaching Slog how to aim the gun. "If you put your arms like this and look through this apparatus here, you'll be able to hit the target with more accuracy!" Billy instructed Slog in a kind and gentle voice as he helped position his arms. "Like this?" Slog seemed to be a bit lost. I smiled upon seeing them getting along so well despite our situation. I looked over at another game booth and saw Izzie again, this time with Frank.

"Franky~ there's surveillance cameras in our rooms" she told him with a pout on her face. Frank gulped in response. "Oh dear, that sounds very intrusive." he told her as he tapped his fingers together nervously. "I-I don't like being watched." Izzie grinned in response. "Don't worry, Franky~ If you come to my room I'll keep you nice and safe from the video cameras, Tanezumi, and anything else that could possibly hurt you~" she told him, but the grin on her face and the tone she said it in didn't sound like she had a genuine motive to protect him. "You're too kind" he told her. "I'll show you how kind I really am" she giggled and waggled her eyebrows. He bit his lip and looked away. "Uh..."

Izzie is crazy! I shook my head and walked away. I looked at my watch as I did, and saw it was almost 6 pm. I should head back to the Hotel Lobby. I began to hurry towards the hotel. I proceeded through the doors and found I was a bit early. Dingle and Festro were still playing foos ball. The Fart came down from the stair case and took a seat on one of the couches. "Oh, hello Mary! You are here quite early!" he greeted me. "I was just putting the supplies I gathered from the gift shop in the safety of my room."

"That's a good idea," I told him. "but I don't wanna be late for our meeting, so I'll just wait a few minutes for everyone to get here." He nodded in response and picked up one of the magazines sitting on the table. "Dear me, these magazines are a year old!" he said out loud. That was an interesting bit of information, I wonder why the magazines haven't been updated. As I waited for everyone to gather into the lobby, I began to think about the off numbers in the cafeteria and in the hotel rooms. I didn't get to think much about it, as everyone began to enter one after the other. Soon, all twenty of us were piled in the lobby. I wondered where Uncle Grandpa was, but I guess it's not all too important considering he knows more than we do and he's not willing to give us any information regarding what he knows right now.

"Alright," Mr. Gus's raspy voice filled the room and any side conversations going on at the time stopped. "What did everybody find?" Ham Sandwich clapped excitedly. "There is no need to worry any longer, Gweelok and I have found an arcade! Everything is going to be okay!" he declared in a triumphant voice. "Oh coolio, Gweelok, maybe you and my son can hack into one of the games to get us out of here!" Festro suggested as he clapped and rubbed his hands together. "For the last time, I am NOT your SON!" Ham Sandwich shouted at Festro. "That could perhaps be a possibility, I will see what I can do!" Gweelok nodded in response to Festro's suggestion. "Well, I found out the beach we woke up on is fake" Eric confessed to all of us. "Yeah! The ocean's not even real, it's literally just a really detailed painting!" Melvin backed up Eric's claim. "My Pizza Prince and I found the gift shop!" Ramona told all of us. "There is lots of items AND LOTS OF CANDY!"

"Interesting finds," Mr. Gus nodded and gave us a half grin. "Tiger and I found the cafeteria. I also tried to take a look in the kitchen, but the door seemed to be locked. It sounded like someone was cooking in there, though." A bunch of "hmm"'s filled the room before Slog spoke up. "I learned how to play the target game and aim a shotgun!" Slog professed to us proudly. Festro slapped himself in the forehead. "Ugh, great! Just what we need! Slog getting a hold of a weapon! He's planning to kill all of us!" A few people in the room gasped at Festro's speculation. "No! That's not true! I couldn't hurt anyone!" Slog panicked and began to tear up. "How do we know? You probably want out more than anything and will kill your bros to do just that!" Festro pointed at Slog as he accused him. "What?!?! NO!" Slog was crying at this point. "Leave him ALONE!" Billy angrily shouted at Festro. "Yeah, Festro, it's not nice to accuse people. Especially one of your best friends." The Fart scolded the purple beast man. "At this point, I can only trust Dingle! The rest of you could be plotting my death as we speak!" Festro accused everyone as he pointed his finger around everyone in the room.  "Enough!" Mr. Gus shouted in a stern voice. He then turned to me. "Mary, what did you find?" he asked me. "Oh, well I took a look at the rooms upstairs. We all have assigned rooms with our pictures on it. I checked out my room and found a surveillance camera." I explained to all of them. "Yeah, I found a surveillance camera in my room, too" Izzie sighed. "Mine as well" The Fart confessed to us. "What does Tanezumi want to see with those surveillance cameras?" Mr. Gus stroked his goatee. Just then Tanezumi appeared before us. "I need to make sure none of you's tryin' to escape!" the pink rat told us. "I also need to make sure nothing inappropriate is going on! Some of you are underaged!" she crossed her arms and looked at Izzie. "I'm watching you, girlie! You better not be thinking of anything!" Tanezumi waved her finger at the dark haired girl. Izzie hissed. "Screw you!"

"Anyways, it's about dinner time, you should all go eat!" the pink rat told us. "Now scram!" and with that she disappeared. "What else can we do at this point?" Dennis sighed in frustration as he asked the rhetorical question. "Let's go" Mr. Gus lead all of us to the cafeteria. Once there, we were all happy to smell the aroma of fresh food. We all immediately formed a line at the counter, grabbing a tray. It seemed there was a robot behind the food counter, ready to serve us our food. "Oh look who it is!" Tiger pointed out in an excited voice. "It's Tiny Miracle!" Pizza Steve and Billy cheered. "Tiny Miracle the Robot Boy~ What would you like on your plate~?" the robot sang as it seemed to dance around waiting for a food order. That's the finest chef Uncle Grandpa ordered? I must admit, the robot looked a bit ridiculous, but who am I to judge? I haven't even tried the food yet. Everyone placed their orders and soon enough everyone had full plates and were sitting at the table. We all began to eat our food. Wow, Uncle Grandpa was right! This food is great!

We were half-way through our meal when suddenly, a loud sound was heard. It almost sounded like a gunshot. Everyone gasped and turned to where the noise was. We saw...
I procrastinated super hard on my essay today, so instead of working on my essay I decided to write this because ideas for this are all I can think of right now :')

Character development, character interaction development, and discoveries about the amusement park. Nothing too too exciting happening yet, but what's a story without some development! Development is one of my favorite things!

ALSO NOTE: Ramona and Pizza Steve are NOT dating or romantically affiliated. Ramona is just crazy over Pizza Steve and Pizza Steve just rolls with it because he likes the attention (because he's an arrogant bastard but we love that about him). I just wanted to make that clear. Actually, whether they are dating or not is entirely up to you, however you want to interpret it. I do ship-tease a little bit (I.E. Billy X Slog :') ), but I'm not trying to focus on ships so much. Rather I want to focus on the details of the stories and develop everyone's interactions with one another, you feel me? You can ship if you want though be my guest I love shipping I already ship a few of these characters but I'm not going to make it canon within this story because I want it all to be entirely up to you guys and up in the air.

Tanezumi, Izzie, and Ramona Desdemona (c) Me
All other characters mentioned in this story (c) Peter Browngardt

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