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Yuna's Final Aeon

The companion piece to the 'Tidal Fayth' image people seem so fond of... ^_^

This is the rough initial comp of Tidus as the Final Aeon... it's still got some tweaking that needs done, I think, but given that it was done in an hour and a half on a 4"x5" piece of tracing paper, I'm overall pretty happy with it.

Pencil, tinted in Photoshop
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Make me wonder what the rest of Yuna's group would look like as Final Aeons.
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leviathan of awesomness
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Awesome :D Now I wonder what her final aeon would look like if she took Lulu and Wakka up on their offer... -goes to doodle-
DXDeathwalkerDX's avatar
Problem with the storyline is it has to be the person who you care the most for right? could be wrong~
Little-Tuss's avatar
Very true but still. .. I've always been curious about it :) even if unlikely.
47thLight's avatar
Damn that's impressive!
fugimoto's avatar
oh wow! now i kinda wish i had gone through with the final aeon thing! ;b
miker2213's avatar
Wow! You should definately draw the other guardians as final aeons!
ryu433's avatar
wow he looks awsome. can you draw what the others would look like as aeons? even yuna?
berserk305's avatar
This is awesome dude. I never imagined to think of Tidus as a Final Aeon and even more, how he'd look as one. And I love how his form compliments his sword "Brotherhood". It all flows nicely.
Aquastick102's avatar
I imagine him fighting some sort of super-beast with Leviathan by Alestorm playing in the background.

That would be the most awesome cutscene ever. XD
dwarden21's avatar
This should be in the deluxe edition of this game as an alternate ending. This guy could do some damage. Very cool
syris427's avatar
very interesting! love it
So well done! awesome! love the shadowing!
Minnigan's avatar
sweet! merman is definitely a new concept for the game!
Snowydrake's avatar
Tidus looks freakin' amazing as a Final Aeon, absolutely love the merman-esque appearance and the Zanarkand tattoo on the lower half of his body. If only they made another FF X game and used this Aeon, that would be so epic! Keep up the good work, Wulfy.
Arrext's avatar
Amazing! Yet i can't help but wonder whether his empty hand should be holding a spikey Blitzball or not.... Awesome job, all the same!
dominator5's avatar
As a die hard Final Fantasy fan, I'd think this is very specific artwork of Tidus as the Final Aeon. If you could, would you do Kimahri as a Final Aeon please. Again, Excellant work!
bluerockerdragongirl's avatar
wow..... Definately fits Tidus....
BloodyFatalis's avatar
leviathan... this is just... amazing... (btw, could i use this one for something too? same story as other pic, but different part.)
Great work!

Just a thought...i guess Lulu would be the final aeon,since she was the first to offer herself to be the fayth when Yunalesca asked which one would it be.
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