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Well, I did say I'd get to the other guys eventually...

Yup, it's Baralai...with a rope. Evidently, the rope is going to become a 'thing' (although I'm afraid of what I'm going to end up with in Gippal's case...) I'd like to say that it was a metaphor and all, but...really, he just looked kind of dumb standing there with his arms up like that and nothing going on.

He's also wearing more, but... naked Baralai (while a nice thought) just didn't seem to suit him.
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Wow nooj and baralai look amazing, and hot, all ylu need now is a gippal! ! I haave gotta see what you do with him!
daisy-1990's avatar
Wow, this is amazing!! Such detail, great job!!:)
Typact's avatar
Absolutely amazing work on the anatomy and detailing. :heart: I hope Gippal gets to join in with the rope fun later~ Hehe. XD
Shaezen's avatar
*fangirls* X3

Nice job, I love it. :heart:
Silver-Song's avatar
You seriously need to do a Gippal one of these!
DarkerJustice's avatar
Awe-tastic! Is the wound from him getting shot or something else? *never actually played the game yet, but has watched friends play it* Him so pwetty! ^_^

Aaah, Baralai, the only "Bad Guy" who appologizes after he kills you...
devilcuriosity's avatar
wow, this is gorgeous. *adds to favorites*
Furubaluver14's avatar
-gapes- Very well done! Dunno what else to call it so... Love your style. If life would allow, I'd swoon over this all day. xD
Altaariaa's avatar
Pic's as amazing as always, and that rope... *drools.* But uh, he seems to be a really muscular in this pic.

Baralai = my god. I breath and eat Baralai.
kurokoneko-chan's avatar
naked...baralai.....:drool:...........:O_o::blushes:*cough* sorry 'bout that very nice love all the details hope i can draw like that one day :pray:
seratan's avatar
Your attention to detail is marvellous. It looks as though he was going to be up as some kind of sacrificial lamb. Hopefully not.
nautilus-x's avatar
My Comment did not work above: I sed...

"Wow, I am stunned!"

How long did that take you?
nachtwulf's avatar
Not very long, as I said, they're largely just doodles. I'd say probably...half an hour for all three? Maybe.
evil-heartless's avatar
eeeep! Baralai! he's my fav charicter in ffx-2!! *hugs* he's so cute :faint:
MorganEdwardAshton's avatar
Oooh...what a neat Brl piccy! He looks interesting with the torn up outfit and all...I like it a lot! :+fav:
Keyakku's avatar
I do love you coz i just love Baralai!!
amour's avatar
I am very impressed, but I feel this is not your best work.
The body seems somehow... misproportioned.
I like all of the details, but something is missing.
Good work though.
zanarkandqueen's avatar
-kicks a bucket out infront of her and begins to drool- Sorry.... this is just so.... wonderful.
kurumidesu's avatar
luv ur detail ^_^ cant get eough of ur wonderful stuff ;) keep ur awsome work comin
brandiyorkart's avatar
The values and textures really add to the beauty of this piece. I love the idea of the rope (as kinky as it can be :D ) on so many levels. Can't wait for the others in the series.
yasashiiame's avatar
Baralai! :D The detail of the clothing looks good as well as the shading to both that and his skin. I like the old paper look too. :)
indiochink's avatar
Your attention to detail is amazing, great job :D
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