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Temptation of St. Baralai

This is just a silly thing that happened OOCly in an online RPG. Yes, it's Rikku with a Baralai plushie.

No, it doesn't make a bit of sense. But it /is/ cute. Just a scribble, really, for a friend. I had no reference for anything but Baralai's head and shoulders, so I really just faked his outfit.
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I so want that plushie.
seratan's avatar
This picture gives off such a happy air! I feel so happy just looking at it. Rikku looks as though she has been given such a wonderful gift.
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Great coloring on this!
Raptorix's avatar

*wants a Baralai ploosh now* :D
fyehroqs-fugue's avatar
~laughs~ Great stuff, Nacht.
remmennin's avatar
omg. I *need* a Baralai plushie x3~
yasashiiame's avatar
A wee Baralai! :D I like both character's expressions and ze coloring as well.
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omg, that is totally adorable. (I want to squish baralai! ;_; )
ChaosRune's avatar
Awwww that is so fregin cute and adorable ^_^
gryphonworks's avatar
So cute!! :D Aw....
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that is adorable. great work, Riku looks so happy. i wish i have a Baralai-plushie.
kurumidesu's avatar
thats so cute ^_^
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*squee!!* So cute! Thank you! Thank you! *glomp!*

Poor Baralai-plush! ^^; I think you did good on the outfit for winging it. The most difficult part is the middle, which is covered up by the glomping arms, so that works out great! ^^ Rikku looks really good, and I expecially love the detail given to the bows on her... unattatched sleeve things! Whatever they are. Now I want a Baralai-plushie to glomp!

(Yeah, this picture finally made me sign up so I could comment, heheh ^^)
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